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I love drawing, anime, manga, reading, eating, sleeping, being lazy, etc.
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Oh Shounen Ai Fairy Tales how Ive missed you!!

XD smexy = idiot? Thats a new one.
Gomen Gomen! I tried ;-; Its 1 am and I couldnt take the pic right... -sigh- well I re-did the writting so ya know what it says ehehe. The voices talking under Haruka and Miyaka... well you'll find out who it is. n.n I'll probably draw another page since I cant sleep. Expect more blurry ness D< Gomen again.
Thank yous
Na~ for being my first fan of this comic. Theirs a few more pages... just need tofinish uploading n.n
Kya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the second panel!
Ehehe Mama sure cares. :3
I must know!! -shakes comp- tell me!! >< -comp breaks- oops... Noo!
I love the "I hate you" look on the 5th panel. >< Kawaii!
Smexy evil guys!! -nosebleed-
HOMG NUUUUUUUUUUUU! Curse you arranged marriges!

O.O First comment for the first time ever! -faints-
I'm glad you like it so far... Ive started on the next panel but... my friends comp is the problem... she has the scanner not I ><!! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon and the next panel will be up not too long from now. n.n
Yes.. thats my pencil art of myself in a battle against my computer.
Bottom panels are Juliek if you cant tell x.x
I couldnt draw blood in pen if it was the last thing I did x.x
I got Mai done on Gaia for some gold.. and IN COLOR! woot. So its not by me nor is it fan art its PAID ART! lol. I wanted all readers to be able to visualize what she kind of looks like.
There may not be an update yet but a girl I met on Gaia was cheering my comic on and decided to make me some art! I adore it so much! The Juliek Chibi is so adorible!
Thats so cute! n.n
-In awe-
I wanna know what happens! Eep!
Dont you...
Just hate waking up to alarms? I know I do.