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Well, I'm just glad you're keeping it going. I stopped keeping up with Smackjeeves during one of the many periods where I had to go many months without home internet two years ago, and when I got back, a number had been cancelled. Only four on my bookmarks were left.

And I don't know about other people, but I love sprite comics. Sprite comics are amazing. Why people would DRAWN fan comics when they could use sprites, I'll never know.
Yep, those were the days. I won that fight, by the way.
They just keep multiplying. I feel gross, my sword swings are just part of the slime reproduction cycle.
OMG HE'S TURNED INTO A SLIME! *draws sword* Bring it on, slime. I've slain millions of your kind in my days!
Oh boy, he's got Zombie status on him. *looks up the Final Fantasy wiki* Okay, so it's Holy Water. *I splash some Holy Water on Meca, curing his zombie status* What happened to you?
You okay? Deflector's been keeping an eye on you this whole time.
Wait, hold on, I got this. *I position myself so my butt will hit the blades first, and I then jam and break them with my buns of steel* Okay, problem solved.
So, why are we in a meat slicer?
It's my job as a Grammar Nazi! *ties James up and puts him on a train to Auschwitz*
*spins head* If I am elected Miss America I will install guacamole bars in every classroom. *passes out*
What's all this about saving me? *goes Super Saiyan God* Bitches, I can handle myself.
*sprints out the door and eats Meca*
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, my heeeeeeeeeeead... why am I in a bakery?
Magic? Oh, you fool. *activates a teleport jammer jammer to jam your teleport jammer and teleports out with the jammer jammed*
Oh, well in that case, *goes Mr. Fantastic and stretches arms out, then slips them out of the cuffs*
Chains, huh? *goes Regal Bryant on the cuffs*
Ow, my heaaaaaaaaaad where am I?
I am no Time Lord, I am the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma!