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WOO update!
January 17th, 2012
the rage of one thousand white hot suns. that is all.

edit: i'm a little bit calmer now. i can talk.

oasis. oasis makes me angry. she's done nothing wrong, she's completely innocent, but she doesn't belong here. i will be glad when she leaves. and if she doesn't, then i'm guessing this won't be yaoi anymore.

kaito. just wtfman. i mean... really. he is turning into his father. and, and and, he can't discern the difference between a friend and a lover. people don't spend 100% of time with friends and none with lovers. in fact, i would say people spend the same or more of an amount of time with their lovers than with their friends.

shuno. i feel like he's not in the wrong at all here. he's just heard that kaito says he is in a relationship with him, moments before being dumped, then seeing his 'ex' (?) with a girl in an intimate-ish situation.

just, gah.
January 10th, 2012
I agree with Joie la douleur for the most part. I came to this comic for BL, and I really don't like this girl. But it's also really refreshing, to see the realistic-ness of it, instead of endless lovemaking.But if Kaito chooses the girl over Shuno, I'll be pissed. Though, alas, it's not my comic, so I can't control it.
I haven't commented on this webcomic yet, but I just wanted to say, I named my rats Fruitloop and Mr. Downbeat. after your comic. I love your art and your characters!