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Returning from Haitus
OMG, I am so sorry for the unannounced hiatus, you guys. I've been around, obviously, but real life has been kicking my butt fairly hard lately. Don't want to go too much into it. Either way, sporadic updates (once weekly, at the very least, is what I'm hoping on) are now resuming. Follow the comic on Tumblr for latest updates, side information, and random production sketches. Also, livestreaming.
September 27th, 2011
And so begins the second chapter... A few days late. XD I apologize about this one, guys, my net was down a few days. On the bright side, WS now has an amazing new logo courtesy of the fantastical Andrea Bell of Mistress. Go check her out, she's great!
September 17th, 2011
Finally! This page gave me no end of grief. XD But~ Chapter one is now finished. CH2 will be starting up fairly soon.
@oOoVixenoOo: Thank you, and I'm so glad you like it! X3 There's been an embarrassing little flummox: I seemed to have done something to the post order and they're going a little out of order. They should be straightened out in a second, but I wanted to apologize for that. XD
November 19th, 2010
Still Alive!
Nope, I didn't forget about this! X.x November has just been a busy month, what with Nanomango and all.

Annnyway, story wise we're getting to the meat of what is going on. Annie may want to be a bit more careful, I think Blanca is serious.

I've have "Texas Flood" (by Stevie Ray Vaughan) on repeat while working on this, and now I can't get it out of my head. XD
October 24th, 2010
Second verse, same as the first.