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YES thank you for another page!
I'm so excited to see more!
sfdfgjhgv I am not able to properly convey my excitement in words. sdfiushfj
I will now proceed to buy many things from you.

good day.
magical girl Sergio?
magical girl Sergio.

I am so excited to see whats gonna happen next
thanks so much for the wonderful page, it's so pretty! I cant wait for the next update!
oh my god what is happening right now Sergio what are you doing
at first I was like "oh Serigo, cool rock you found there, bud."
but now I'm like "whut"
though I'm now also wondering when pencils WERE invented. this page has left me so confused. in a good way.
anyway, thank you so much for the new page, it's lovely as always,( now I'm off to google pencils.)
hm? maybe it's almost time for some Julius background? or maybe some of Sergio's powers emerging? hm?hm?
ahaha sorry, anyways, thank you so much for the new page! I hope you are able to catch up on some good rest now that ch 3 is taken care of :3 cant wait for more! you guys are lovely!
uggugugu so cute,Simon is quite the charmer, and poor Sergio doesn't know what to do with himself!
I cant wait to see more of Quinton, too (er,... not that I want to see people die,but...yeah >__>)

I hope the store gets fixed soon, I just got a debit card, and am excited to purchase some MAOH merch :)

thank you so much for the lovely new page, please keep up the amazing work!
I'm so pumped for new pages. this is great :)
so cutteee..
I love how Nilus was just like "all of it".so great.

I have never had bubble tea before, but now I want to try >w>
poor Simon, I hope it wasn't the game shop that exploded.....

I'm very excited to see whats next! thank you so much for the great page.
woooow this page is so pretty!!!!!
ah Sergio!!!<3<3
I never thought creeper could be so cute!!!!
ah Simon is really loving the fact that Sergio is a adoring fan, huh? :)
poor Sergio
Is Simon trying to smother him? XD

"can't swim??"

ugh how cute is that.<3
haha Sergio looks like his poor mind has been blown.

another great page! thank you so much!