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Nana <3
art school drop out

insta: cant_leave.mp3 (sometimes... i post... art... lmao)

bi and I NEED SOME GAY LADY COMIC ACTION SOMEONE SAVE ME... maybe i'll have to make my own. fuck

my icon is my art. wtf how did i do.. that?
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i feel like this is a silly thing to mention but i really like the panel with the bottle of lube? I really enjoy the little detail of his toes curling down, with the other one up - the little things make it feel more organic 💞
The last fucking panel oh my goooooood
@Nieidanine LIKE A SNAKE.... i picture joa stretching out, a la planking, in different directions next to and on top of sleeping dylan to figure out his proportions in comparison to himself lskdflksd
will joa eat dylan or buy him clothes ? .... both? lol
joa's expression,.. is so..,,.,. pure.. they're both so cute and this whole exchange has just been like, aggressively powering up my Gay Ass Heart and im now excessively strong
how incredibly earnest both of them have been about this fuckn lingerie and their boundaries and WANTING TO MAKE EACH OTHER HAPPY is fucking killing me ty ilu
nokia wall dent adds ten years to my life every time it appears in a panel
Nana <3
May 15th, 2017
ah, i finally got around to catching up on the like.. half a year of this i missed.. ! excited abt that.
i imagine markus doesn't get a whole lot of human interaction, much less contact..? even when i was just like, living alone it was so bizarre to have people touch me despite leaving the house several times a week.
i thank god everyday i didnt have a dick i was dealing with in highschool bc my hormones were fucking ridic
Nana <3
April 21st, 2017
.. he has a point, bro (altho i think he jst.. likes tormenting u LOL)

also I'm like.. obsessed with his character design. his nails are a particular point that i'm weirdly fixated on l o l
Nana <3
April 15th, 2017
im dying at his smug little face n clasped hands ...
Nana <3
April 15th, 2017
oh my godfg ,, he's like Hey Bitch Guess w h o
Nana <3
March 6th, 2017
LMAO relatable content from Gabe (also omg ! The emoting in the ears is a really great detail)
oh go d don't make me Feel these things.. and now i'm painfully curious if they are still alive? i don't think he mentioned them dying previously...

i kinda hope this is leading to Joa word vomiting about his past to Dylan so that we get more backstory, and Dylan and Joa get that Good Good, sweet, increasing emotional connection
$$$$ Hell ya Pay Artists Gud $$$$$$$$
also, despite the obvious motion of him taking it out of his wallet, I thought the money was the wet, blood stained toilet paper for a hot sec LMAO
i cry blood every time this fkn updates... ty for blessing me.....
update !!!!!!! im cryingv thank you for this comic
oh god im torn between fear of second hand embarrassment, and really wanting him to actually wear thigh highs. an untimely death for me, is surely on the horizon