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I laughed out loud at this. Cuthulu as princess leah! OMG!
It gets partially sawed in half and then BREAKS ahahahahahah. Have to love House...
Lol, an interesting situation. Just a note, the figure in the forground does not match the perspective of the figures behind him.
ooo, color! I like it a lot. Of course, you do stunning toning, so I don't see why you have to do color.
Cool! Wow, you really have a knack for tones! Or else you practiced a lot and I think its inborn talent XD. Either way, you rock.
Lol, nice comic. (and thank you for commenting on mine) You have a very smooth and deliberate line choice. It makes it look very clean.
In my experience, the stages of a Jack Daniels is 1. Staring at it, 2. A benign watery taste, 3. A taste much like being punched in the face with a sack of barely, 4. Making a complentary face to said taste and 5. recovery.
Sobriety may kill me, but I vow never to get drunk off of American Whisky.
Lol, I love "Villany". The mustache is excellent.
Yeah! Chapter 2 ^_^. Happy New Years and wonderful comic.
The girl in the corner is adorable!
I'd really like to see where you go from here. It is almost like you've already solved your problem. Good job replicating the style. I like it.
haha, at least the next cook might not have too much to worry about.
hahah. I know someone who tried to sell their friend on ebay.
YES! I want to become a little green plastic toy when I get angry!
Haha, I imagine that didn't turn out well at all.
You are my hero!
I think those are all my favorite animated shows! You rock my socks, tell you what.
oh, that was the filler that I was talking about. This page is a normal page.