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~i will never be afraid again, i will keep on fighting till the end, i can walk on water i can fly, i will keep on till i die~
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    who needs ta no
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That is me nyan i posted it
if its like that its a work in progress
No. There's a rule and itll be followed. I don't care.
No godlike characters
If theres anymore comics saying that demons a god by an author and even his creator. There going to be removed as an author, and im adding a no gods rule, beat that guys, im not dealing with this god crap at all, so scratch my back, ill scratch yours and you wont get removed, so suck it up and deal with it, also the walls broken and if it isnt fixed matt will put your character through the wall. Got me! good now have fun and no god claim comments from ANYONE
@broblade12: if he destroyed it then how come matt is updated but the door isnt
The living room is outdated
No one cares because this stuff is horrible
This page is seriously a bullshittery, a two year old could do better than this
Yes he went on an adventure. It was so awesome i couldn't post it or everyone would die of awesome poisoning :l
>To teh moon~ In a rocket ship that you both conveniently built behind heli :P
Blaster from gyusukis sprite sheet, credit towards him for it.
Yep... totally normal
Im just i tears this is over. You had such great artistic skills. And you made a beautiful comic with them. I say this comic was the greatest thing to happen to smackjeeves \(^-^)/
I really wanna use that arm cannon to upgrade matts robot ability. Id recolor it of course
Mad father is terrifying. Who wants a psycho parent that chases you with a chainsaw around the end of the game
You jus took matts room

Edit: good