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Kai Lynn
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I had this page 95% ready with just some minor touches so to upload on Sunday and sadly, a power outage in my neighborhood caused the file to get corrupted. Thankfully I had screen share a progress of the page to a friend so I was able to cut down some of the reworking.

Now what is this? A hole that leads to the other side of the wall? Does Juliet dare go through?
Trouble is brewing...
It was a dark and empty night in the wild west....
That dress weighs a lot more than it looks.
And hello new character.

I want to apologies for the late upload. For those who may not know, I was in an car accident a few weeks ago and hadn't been able to work on pages till things were taken care of in regards to it.

I have recovered thankfully and managed to get everything squared away so we should be getting back to the weekend routine. :)
The princess will find a way.
Oh lordy that garden is gonna be the death of me.

And my what a large wall. Looks like she won't be getting that toy back.
ok. These two are offically my top favorite villain couple/partners.