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Add Life. Add Music. And Mix Well.
waaaaaaaaaah. *cries*

But there's so many unanswered questions! *sniff sniff* I do hope that you find your motivation again. This is an amazing comic. And if it does come to an end, that won't stop me from re-reading it over and over... unless you ended up taking it off SJ. Oh please don't remove it! I love it so much!
oh no
Please don't end it! I love this comic! And your amazingly awesome Milky!

Btw~ Happy Late Birthday!~ Hope you enjoyed it!
February 18th, 2012
Yay New Page!
How awkward. Poor Jura. "I fell into a cactus..."

Jura's expression, he's like "...FML" xD
Run Jura Run!
Best to keep it to yourself Jura. But I has a feeling he'll probably end up blurting it out somehow. Probably to Nilla.
oh Lunge
You can be such a douche. But we all still love you. Now help Hirn you dick. lol


On another note: Poor poor Herz. *wants to huggle*
oh Herz
See Herz this is what happens when you wanna prove a point that the door was still there. You could've just listened to your brothers but nooooooo....

Please get better Herzy!
January 16th, 2012
For someone who had just started reading your comic, I'm happy that I never doubted you. Thank you for continuing your comic. It is truly amazing <3
January 15th, 2012
I'm not going to jump to conclusions, until the never end. I wanted to see what happens.

Good or Bad. I do enjoy this comic.
And I wouldn't be much of a fan if I lost faith in you now! >:3
So I just read this from start to finish in 3 hours. It's amazing! I love your plot, your characters, and your art is simply amazing. I know this is only one comment among many, but please do consider keeping this going. I'd totally buy your comic if you ever made it into a book.

EDIT: My computer was also dying I was reading it so intensely I didn't notice it dying till it said 3% battery life left. D:
Happy Halloween Everyone
Oogie and Regan taking pictures in Halloween Town. Hope you all like it.
Kiss her she's a Banshee... I mean Irish.
Regan in all her sleepy glory?


Hopefully this might break the comic silence we have going on here. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy St. Patty's day everyone!
Animu looks so cute. I wanna hug 'em! :3 Good job
lol it's kay Itsumi.

And Thankies
lawlz... just lawlz
I knw rite
I know, no updates since 5 days ago. Damn. lol It's kay thou, everyone has school. I'm sitting in art 101 class rite now.

Thank you.

lol that would be Rikako's fault. She started to color it, and then I finished it. I'll fix it later lol xD

I also forgot her neck strings... I'll fix that later today
feed back would be nice... T.T
lol 'you are fat'... I love it :3
Never again...
A collab Rikako and I did. She was lazy, I was sick... I still did it. lol *looks around* (Rikako don't hit me) She did the storyboarding cause I suck at it. Well enjoy!!! :3
:3 very awesome detail on the ground and everything