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Basically you run of the mill Anime fan.
I do inking and draw for myself.
Maybe one day get around to own Comic.

This is my back up to help fix my problem with my main account.
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Sadly i remember when my mother had a aboriginal dictionary when i was little. I was highly entertained when i found out that meaning XD
Ugh my worst enemy since alpha even to now x-x
omg its back Yay! surprising but good to see again i really missed it!
I'm Dwarf and reading Paradox~

This is one of my favorite comics on SJ why should I stop!
Yay its back! I kept forgetting my password for the other site I'm so happy!

And you always seem to have fun with my name~
its a bit upside down on my page
February 28th, 2011
i found this just today and fell in love with... lucky i have and Mangamagazine account or i would have been very upset.
First time commenting but, this made my days when I was feeling down. I sad it has came to a end it worth rereading just for laughs to brighten my day. I hope one day you can game again so it can.

I loved it while it lasted T~T, Thank you so much for doing this.