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In game there is an item called the Pet Grooming Kit. It makes your pet sparkle...sorta like a mob corps that still has loot on it.

Our raid leader has now officially banned the use of Pet Grooming Kits before raids.

I regret nothing.

(HOLY CARP! This was a pain to upload! >.< )
This was made months ago but for some reason never posted. I want to move on to a higher quality in my comics, like the last one, but I have a couple left overs that, again, for some reason didn't get posted before.

Soooo they'll be interspersed with the regular comics until there all gone.
If you like my sense of humor go visit my DA page for more randomness and a new comic called Tales From the Rift.
So todays my birthday. *flutershy voice* woohooo
Several of my most recent comics I spread over multiple pages in my sketchbook mostly because I either wanted more detail or I just didn't want to draw small. So there not really short stories as they are I'm being lazy and dont want to put them all together.

Dont worry. When I post multi-page comics like this I will post all the pages at once.

Dont forget, pokewow has its own comic now.
Go fave if you liked the pokewow arch. Chapter 2 is up.
Welcome! And if your coming from 4.0 Welcome Back!

We start chapter 2 by going back in time to find out how Cassie started her pokewow journey. If your here because you play wow (and if you've played the new forsaken starting area) you'll recognize a lot of this chapter. I've taken artistic liberties but for the most part it follows the same story. If you've never played wow (or havn't played a forsaken since 4.0.3a) I think the story is fairly easy to follow even without words. If you want to know more details "WoW wiki" and "WoW head" can help.
Well people seemed to like pokewow and I sorta fell for it too. So Pokewow is now its own webcomic found here:

Its basically the same crap that goes on here sept its got a story. :3 Right now it seems to not want to update properly (its all jumbled up on the front page) but if you hit begin reading it'll start you out at the beginning.

You've all already read chapter 1 but chapter 2 is done and up so if you want to skip the first chapter just use the drop down menu to navigate to "Forsaken Beginnings".
Ever wonder why Gnome quest givers call Dwarves, Goblins, AND other Gnomes tall?

This is why...
A few months ago Usu decided she needed the Insane title. I think she JUST NOW was able to go to Ratchet. :D
This week enjoy the comedy stylings of Usukie.

Today features Usu, her hubby Z, and his increasingly loud computer. :3
And thats it for this little story. I dont plan to make this a regular thing. This took WAY longer and A LOT more effort then I wanted it to. These comics are suppose to be short and goofy. However I do know I ended this without answering some questions (mainly, lol what pig?) so I kinda want to do this again eventually. Just not any time soon. And I want the storyline to be finished before I start posting it. >.>

So next week enjoy some guest comics from the wonderful Usukie and we'll be back to our norm on the 28th! :D
Sorry about missing comics this week. Lets just say life has been hectic and leave it at that. @.@

Also, ya....I should have spell checked.... >>
So the comic is mostly one shots. But this little story couldn't be condensed to one page. So enjoy! :D
I hate the twilight book series. Apparently it hates rune.
The sad thing is, I actually did this.
Did you guys really think I lied to you? In case people care, yes, I am doing better.
On one last note: