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Not much to say about me. Just a 15 year old girl who loves to draw.

I tend to draw in an anime style, but I'm trying to be more diverse :)

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@jadeann: thank you! o3o haha they took me forever to get right xD
@jadeann: aww thanks :D im glad ur interested ;3; thank u for all the lovely comments <3
February 25th, 2012
chemistry <3
February 17th, 2012

lovely comic, loving where this is going ;D beautiful art too <3
February 15th, 2012
oh my oh my o3o they are so cute together xD i love the backgrounds in the 2nd and 3rd panel btw :D love your style so much <33
oo his mum is visiting :) what shall happen next? :D
@crazylupus: aww thanks ^3^ haha this drawing doesnt fit in with my story xD it's just a random pic lol
@tennis_no_kougou: lol glad you like it :'D btw can i just say how i love your icon XD
HAPPY VDAY <3 a gift to you all for so many faves and support <3

a more happier and steamy pic for you guys ... before the drama and angst continues *shot*

hope u have a loverly day <3
@Twisted-Chan: indeed, that is the case D':
@tennis_no_kougou: no worries, cel will shed some light on things :D
im glad you can relate to the story (: weve never really settled anywhere either, we're probably the most international family you'll ever meet lol
thank u so much for taking the time to comment and read <333
@tennis_no_kougou: thank you >3< it really does mean a lot to me <33 and the roleplaying sounds fun :D
@crazylupus: oui :D i need to practice my french because im planning to choose it next year xP
bit of a simple page :/

i should warn you, this comic is intended to have more angst and emotional turmoil as well as yaoi. its meant to be a meaningful yaoi short

and thank you so much for 250+ fans <3 can't thank you guys enough

it would mean the world if just a few of you guys could go read my other comic 'Falling Slowly'. It's not a yaoi comic but it does mean a lot to me. thanks :)
je l'adore :D i think your characters are cute and original <3 love their interaction. please keep it up <33
DUNDUNDUNNNNN the suspense is killing moi </3
please keep going <3
@Twisted-Chan: ima sorry D': i'll get the next page up soon to explain :D <3 and its qiu-chan o3o
@XThePockyNinjaX: ohoho yes it does x)
@Marion-999: aw thanks :D im so happy you've stuck around ;3;