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Getting kicked out of your house by magikarps...that gotta hurt, phisically and emotionally.
@Hero of Comedy: Do you need any help with their decks?
From what I've seen so far, I'm supposed to be Miwa from the Anime series...considering the beating he did in one episode I agree with that! he is my favorite character!
@shadowmwape: Arrr. You're right matey!
@shadowmwape The 2nd opening from the anime series should be enough
Arthur "Wierdo" Kingdom
Clan: Kong Country (Kongs from the Doneky Kong series and also their animal helpers)

Atsuya Frost
Clan: Earth Bounders ( Mother series playable characters and allies)
@Hero of Comedy: Actually you could say that this is a square triangle, don't forget Gaomon.
Second time reading this...Crying more than last time now...
The sprite is good, but the game is horrible.
Just to know, since pikachu got a sprite revamp, am I still female or male when I am using him?
Also, yay, welcome back and good comic.
>Leave no ass unkicked.
Would you change your shield for another type of weapon, but with the same ability of copying the robot masters powers, and why would you choose this particular weapon?
Bald guys are always evil, if they are snakes, oh boy...
Now the water weakness will deal four times the damage.
@SonicWad: Just to know, what kind of sprites is the next comic going to use?
The 4th gen or the 3rd gen style?
Panel 3: Cowboy Knights...PURE AWESOMENESS!!!
> Search the city for a restaurant so you can eat.
And Zero died...
Man, what a deja vu.
Doc Robot: Dude, I'm fabulous.