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The Cowboy
Shooting cats in alleyways
That comic guy you dumbass, that site is full of atheist fucks pretending to be catholic, the bastards.
Hey asshole stop deleting my comments
Pathetic. I've been called worse names while you were in diapers (you probably still have to wear diapers though so think farther back than a year)

PS. Your sister shoved 13 cocks up her ass. She died.
Gee lookit that, it's another Beep-Veep
Go cry more.
Also your sister takes it up the ass from 9 guys at a time.
Hey fuckhead upload your shitty comic already or I'm deleting this
Dicksprite's sister is also fucked up.. the ass right now as I type this.
In case you're too stupid to be in biology yet kid, if something goes in your mouth, it would go to your stomach, not your brain. I was brought back by a higher power, given the responsibility of sorting out the team's trash. Looks like you're it, trash.
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I can't do either of those things, and the third isn't an option since I have no dick up my ass, unlike your sister who's probably getting anal from 2 guys at once as I type this. I heard about you losing your virginity by shoving your fist down your throat, I hope you used protection.
Glitch your sister is a total slut, she takes 5 guys up the ass at once.
The fact that you are a cunt makes you a cunt, not that you're too much of a chickenshit to download stuff. It's not a virus, and it takes like 2 minutes to install. Also it's not a piece of shit, but your sister wishes it was so she could eat it.
This is an improvement..? o_O
Why's Dicksprite peeing on someone?
Let's see....
Kaj - Not banned (except on Kaj)
Lonwol - About to be unbanned
RHY - Not banned
Boi - Not banned
Blade - Banned for a misunderstanding that he'll soon get cleared up
Pringles - Doesn't even have an account
Me - Not banned
FMT - Banned (might stay this way, but I don't think so)
Big-Bang - Banned, though if he just apologized he'd be unbanned.
Glitshsprite and Silver - Not banned
I's too wide. It stretches the page.