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Hi, I'm Bob. I make cartoons and doodles. Some of those doodles have panels and words, and try to tell stories. Funny stories. Or, at least, funny to me.
It's true, I have a giant spreadsheet of ideas. Currently, the "approved" ideas is numbering in at 817, but if you count the hundreds of "maybe" ideas on a secondary page, it's well over a 1000.
Another update? Well, I had this thought and wanted to get it created and posted now while it's in my head.

Just FYI, this is not meant to make light of sexual assault allegations (here's hoping the truth is found and justice is given to anyone who was victimized). Nor is this a crack at Stevie Wonder. This was just literally my first thought, faking being blind for decades or assaulting people? Give me fake blind over real assault any day.
Full disclosure, I did not come up with the Downsizer art. It is a mishmash of art by my favorite artist, Mike Mignola, that I then drew over with minor changes to make it a Downsizer comic. This is me NOT TAKING CREDIT for the art. If anything, it looks like crap compared to the original Mignola art. But I wanted to try and show Downsizer in art inspired by real comic artists and instead of doing a poor imitation of it I instead did a poor tracing imitation. Apologies to Mr. Mignola.
Ok, I do feel a little clever. Look at the two strips:

Blix #45
Blix #46

You see Blix in his normal clothes and then in the next strip Blix is in the Time Travel Suit at the exact same time! (Based on the conversation). So... see? Um... I had to wait a year for this joke to pay off...
Well I had fun with it! So you can shut up Blix!
Fun fact. I actually had the idea for this strip sometime in November 2016 but wanted it to be a Halloween strip, so I had wait a whole year to do it!
October 2nd, 2017
Fun fact. The entire first lump of text is just various song titles from the band Cradle of Filth. A band well known for their uplifting lyrics and pop music stylings.
Fun fact. The guy next to Blix is "that Bob Guy". Wait! That's me! OH CRAP!
Another bonus strip! Enjoy it, filthy humans!
November 14th, 2016
Handsome devil
Now, would you look at that handsome man? Finally this comic has someone worthy of being the leading man...

Good first chapter! Can't wait to see how chapter 2 unfolds
August 17th, 2016
Did you know this strip has five people with names that start with "Ma"? Manny, Mack Ryl, Mathieu, Manjula, and Maria. And it wasn't intentional!
August 15th, 2016
Awesome! Excited to see where this will go
The return of Downsizer. Sort of. A comic within a comic, as opposed to a character in the main comic...
Because the doctor is blind...
Can you find all the references?
Some are references to my old comics (that none of you have seen, I'm sure), others are pop culture references...

There are 13, which is also the strip number! Happy coincident er I mean intentional symmetry
Many returning characters from my old comic. Others will appear in other ways
I like bears
That is all. I like bears. So, of course I put a bear in my comic.
December 22nd, 2015
Blix has launched! Enjoy the new story featuring the green jerkface alien.
I killed Captain Bob.
And I've wanted to do that for sooooo long.
September 27th, 2011
I predict...