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I fancy myself as a writer and artist. Keyword is "fancy."

Right now, I am working on the first few pages of my upcoming webcomic, Equestrel. It's pretty dark stuff. You can find all my concept work (as well as other artwork) over at Eldemorrian@dA

In the meantime, while that's in the works, I'm just your normal, everyday, comic-loving Internetter. I also like inventing new words.
This page is filled with so much cuteness. ;_; (And gosh. Nilus is totally my favorite character.)
I just read through the past pages and gosh, this is such a lovely comic. The artwork is beautiful, and the pacing of it is perfect. I'm definitely going to follow this one. Can't wait for the next pages. :D

(Also, I agree with the person above. That scenery is awesome.)
That grin on my face when I saw the update...
I'm glad this is back. I can't wait for the new pages. :D

(And very intriguing red crown-like shape over there. I sense vampiric powers in the air.)
Danger time
That is just. Wow. XD
That showed Simon, eh?
"I am king. All of it."
Oh gosh. That is so... cute. Nilus pwns, yes.