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Overkill, much? :P
I don't normally comment, but I wanted to tell you congratulations on the engagement! :D
Is it another hot guy? *_*
This comic has such pretty art, and the story is so different from what I'm used to seeing on here, it's a nice change. I watch!
Uh oh... .__."
I sense trouble...
Either that, or they'll find a way to get around her.
*extra high pitched squeel*
OMG!!! KISSSSSSS!!!!!!! *dies from the cutenss of it all*

omg. KISS! It's gunna be so cute!!! Their first kiss... Wouldn't it be a bit clumsy? Since, it's their _first_ kiss? Aww, but it'd be so cute nonetheless. *squeels like the fangirl she is*

*dies from lack of oxygen*
Ya know... It's such a squeal-tastic page, but I have just this gawsh damned feeling that _something_ bad will happen. I dunno what, maybe Mrs. Dove will arrive or something. But maybe I'm just over reacting. SQUEEEE.

KISS ALREADY!!! >_< We've been waiting 8 chapters. But, I'll be patient... I promise! *sits in a corner sucking thumb and imagines the next page and two* ^/////^
Why? WHHY?! Because He loves Liam! Liam makes his world go round. Yahyah! And and... *add a very deep and sensual reason why Edward loves Liam*. =D
I'm lovin this page... *keeps pressing next until the mouse bleeds*
candy cane of sexiness
They look so hott... :D Can't wait to see Bee's outfit.

And belly shirts are sexy to the max. 'specially on guys. :D
Actually, you don't have to wait for the battery to die. You just have to restart it. Just hold down the center button and menu, at the same time, and wait until the screen blacks out. Once it blacks out, an apple will show up. Then after that, you'll be back at your main menu! And your songs are safe.

Hopefully it works for ya'll. I just did it to my iPod right now and it worked, so it should for you.