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MY original account was fazer but I forgot the PASSWORD. THE PASSWORD, FOR CHRISTS SAKE, what is wrong with me!? I liked my name! I named it after my FOOKING BIKE. I LOVED THE BIKE 2. Got old and threw it out. Then I got a new bike.....its better.
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My WoW experience
I wanna go to different dungeons to get loot and get stronger! Why? So I can be strong enough to go into more dungeons to get loot and power so I can enter better dungeons so I can get loot and power So I can......
THE HAT! eeeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeee! XD
aaaaaaand NECK SNAP.
I would not let that thing live. Or at least live with that adorable hat. She should steal it.
HAHAHAHA XD How does she do that!
That angel still looks creepy. But is heaven just like hell from satans excrement, not in the whole incredibly morbid side but the side in which it's different from what humans thought it would be. Kinda like fake and gay.
You cannot do to me what AIDS has already done. But I did not realize it was the 300th comic because it was 2 in the morning and I had a case of the fuckits. Wow, but 300 comics, I really did not think we were that far. I thought we were in like 237 or something.

Anyways sorry bro, look at the bright side, we can set our own anniversary date. Fuck what other people put, we can make the hundred and ones the new celebration date. THE SYSTEM WANTS YOU TO THINK IN THE ZEROS! Fuck zeros, their nothing but trouble, like religion.
Hey this is all just a warm up of a new program I'm using. For the most part I am quite shitty with it when drawing from scratch. I am better off drawing from paper and scanning it on my comp which I will be doing later once I get used to this thing.
Besides that I was thinking screw it you people don't want to see my progress on anything, so I whipped up some faces I found quite hilarious. So there's that, also I got a few friends of mine who are making some videos in the near future about games and creating indy films. Honestly they are fun guys and I hope their videos are just as funny as they are. If you want to subscribe to it and support them I would really appreciate it.
Now back to everything else, lack of update, I have been real busy because I want to start my career practice in a hand drawn/scanned/colored comic, it's a load of fun and I have taken many steps into planning this. I cant tell you what its about but only that it has been keeping me from my regular sprite updates the past months.
I really love you guys, ever since I joined here at Halo Online, I found every joke hilarious and I think you guys were the coolest cats ever since day one. I hope now when I get enough experience with a tablet and such I can post some comics that really show people what Halo Online is truly about.

The link above are my friends, check em out and let me know what you guys think, its just a teaser of what their going to be doing in the near future.
Well its really late where I am right now I gotta get some sleep.
Wait does her boss have a robot arm?
Inset witty comment about "almost" being the first to comment on a comic.
City break go penetrate yourself....
Bombs, they save lives XD
Sorry, I have been doing a lot lately, I got a tablet though, once I get the right photoshop I can probably start drawing comics instead of using my spriting skills!
I loved the update though, it made me laugh.
Hey woody, buddy pal, just wondering if you can get me the right for posting comics. It says Im an author but problem is all I can look at is the comics traffic.....So if you or anyone that can, give me the powah to post comic please and thankyou very much come again!

P.S Woody your alive! You weren't drafted into the moon wars and crushed by giant floating eyes with teeth.
Yey maybe we can get stuff going along. Glad to see someone has survived my assumptions of horrible were supposed to be eaten by lion ninjas. Every one else has their own death's accordingly until they prove me otherwise.
If anyones still out there....hey, I miss you all. Its been a while and I guess everyone just sorta died in a horrible accident or something. Your thinking, HEY FAZER Y U NO UPDATE? Well because apprently my author status does not allow me to update comics just lookat sites and traffic (exciting no?) I started my own little series, doesnt update much but worth a little chuckle or two. Its called Fazers Halo and its more of a pastime hobby for me then a quota or something. Well thats it...LOVE YOU! :D
Honestly where did my request for Halo Online go? I feel like updating sooo much but I cant get a fraggin thing done until someone accepts that damn request D: Other than that I finally found out what cardboard tastes like.
Yes, my email is bellsouth so maybe that has something to do with it. Ill check again....and again...and again.
Funny Story
First of all welcome Zetto :D. Second is well I kinda reset my password because I had 2 accounts on the same email. (fazer and baller). I needed to get ballers account so I can delete it (I wanted no connections with it). But my email sorta never gave me my account password reset. It said that it sent an email but I didnt get shit from the smackjeeves robot. Sooooo I kinda sorta wanted to know if you could get this account into Halo Online and boot out my other account until I find a way to fix things?