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blog (JAP)

I'm working only on Funeral of Hearts.

I'm not English speaker, so I'm really thankful when you suggest correction for dialogues in my comics >w<

I answer to your comments or pm when I update pages.

I am not really able to befriend ppl online, but I do hope we get on well for the time being. Thank you everyone!
Sorry for the long winter break...

If someone is ever wondering, the theme song for the passionate battle between gallade and blastoise is here. (lol)

HKim> Thank you so much!

Grassy> about your impression on Blasty's weightlessness... yeah, I could have drawn that picture better (^_^") I didn't realize it in time...
I'm not sure about the gruesome details, but I'll show an infection soon or later.
Sorrows infect through saliva, blood and generally through every body liquid. A bite is a 100% infection. A deep cut is better to be treated as soon as possible but it's not a sure infection. In Lyla's case: since she's a rebel some Sorrow could think of attack her pointing at her wound so if she doesn't treat it soon she and Pikachu would risk to be infected as well.
December 15th, 2013
Here we are.( ̄ε ̄@)

>SassyThePokemonLover: Wow, that's perfect then! * _*
I'm currently into the Persona series, plus I bought a bundle of visual novels from Japan, currently finished one out of three >__> long way ahead...

>Flare the Ninetales: I find it really cute too, you know (*ノωノ)

>SmackJeevesNinja (Guest): Yeah, they sure look fun. And one reason is probably that you can play with people around the world anytime. I'm not suited for MMO, so that's a time consuming feature that I didn't like that much ^ ^"

>HKim: Thank you for your comment here! I also suspect Lyla has got some traits from me, even if I hardly recognize myself in her XD
Transition again. Next: Chikkuru, Blastoise vs Gallade.
Um... now that I saw the mega Blastoise I really like it the most (*ノωノ)
Anyway I'm not going to buy X or Y anytime soon - or probably never...? - I'm into several other games atm and got really few spare time so I think I'll be stalking new gen pokemon from my pc. _(:з」∠)_

Which version did you buy you guys?

>HKim: Thank you always for you support!! >w< I'm sorry myself for all that hiatus I did >__> Glad to see you again!
Plusle's energy got drained by that unusual dig attack, okay? At least, that's what I had in mind... >_>

When in real life, I had some problems in dealing with prople like Lyla, who talks like they know everything in every situation... I know she's the main chara but I don't get along very well with her... (is it okay for the author to say so...?) Yet, she's necessary to this story...

>HollowLovePainter2: lol. Um, Mitsuki - the Togetic girl is the one in charge for Potions. Lyla is going to pay a quick visit to her after this battle I guess... ._.
November 24th, 2013
It's a different "dig" from usual, but when it comes to attack I can't stick to a unique pattern.
Back then I made Ocean using a weird type of "earthquake" too...

Anyway, I wonder if action is clear from my drawings ^ ^"

>MoogleSam: Thank you so much! Every correction is precious to me!
November 17th, 2013
>Pokemontrainergigi: Thank you so much, I'm always in need of grammar corrections. I'll correct everything and reupload pages once this chapter is over.

>Ekans_snakE: Thank you, I'm glad you like it : >
Caution: I updated two pages in a row, so if you clicked on latest page you probably missed the previous.

Continues next page.
Emh, I had my pc repaired and couldn't update last Sunday... so this time I prepared two pages. Hope you enjoy.

@pfenix: umh, siblings? I'm not English speaker so I probably got a bit confused ^ ^"
Foh's back from the afterlife... and so I am =_= sorry, difficult period and stuff.

Lyla thinks she knows what's behind the brothers' tecnique...
I'm not dead lol sorry for the wait.
I'm through a weird "artist period". It's not that I don't like my comic pages, but artists are like pokemon, so I need to evolve as well lol
I drew this page twice. The first time digitally, the second time traditionally. So I went back to traditional art... I don't know why, it's not that I wasn't satisfied with my previous pages but... I need to experiment more >_> I don't think I will change FOH style tough.
Ok, stop with this boring talk of mine XD
Thank you as always for your support, and thanks to people who correct my English, I know it's not very good >_< So I appreciate a lot your corrections!!

Last, I'd like to remind you again of a really great new site about Pokemon fandom here ^ ^

>SmackJeevesNinja: Thank you so much! I'll try your suggestion too ^ ^

>Miyto: So it was "rumble". Thank you so much!

>Groudonkid: How did the hole get behind Plusle if Lyla was in front of her in the beginning?
As I said I wasn't sure about my drawings XD I think Lyla escaped behind her while the two were distracted....
About your second question: there isn't a character that is really similar to me, I guess I share some traits with some of them and nothing more. ^ ^ I never shown Celeby's personality properly, but if I had to say which character is more similar to me it would be him XD The reason is that his personal story (I'll show it later obviously) is something near to my feelings. So I hope you enjoy the rest ^ ^ (ps. about Plusle: Plusle got my rage towards adults' rules. Sad to say, but a little part of my heart supports her feelings >_>)

HKim: Thank you!! : ) Sometimes I feel uncertain wheter readers understand them ^ ^"

GONE: Thank you! Don't worry, if you'd like to do it I appreciate corrections ^ ^ Once I'm over with this chapter I'll correct pages with readers' tips and upload them again ^ ^
Sorry for making you wait >_<
This time I'm not really confident about my drawings, I hope next page will explain better the action of this page.
In the last panel there is a sound effect I'm not able to translate. It's the sound of "moving ground" or something similar, how do you say it in English? : >

>Groudonkid: Sure! ^ ^ It says "orderly", so Plusle and Minun are not generals of some element.

>Cres0055: Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it ^ ^ I was so happy to read your comment. I hope to keep an interesting story!

A few pages more and the mistery behind the couple will be unfold ^ ^
This took forever for no reason (; ̄ェ ̄)
Lately I'm into job hunting and interviews. They took more time than I expected orz

>Groudonkid: I blacken the eyes of Pokemon who got black eyes like Pikachu or Plusle and Minun. But I also draw them white pupils because I find it easier to draw them this way ^ ^" Basically my gijinka got eyes similar to the original pokemon.
Hello guys! Foh is back! I missed you >w<
From now on there will be one update for week

The QA corner is back as well :DD

>Groudonkid: Yes, Plusle and Minun are based on positive and negative traits. I'll explain more about them in next pages ^ ^

>Groudonkid and SassyThePokemonLover
Thank you for your questions and debate ^ ^
About Sorrows feeding. In chapter one Sorrows took down the city centre, the one Lyla and others called "Skycraper Ruins". There are various reasons why Sorrows destroy buildings (one is that they want to give trouble to adults) but they also did such things so that they can feed themselves. Infact in city centre there are shopping malls and shops so they can collect food.
I don't feel like putting extra official info in the story like "where is the meat they're eating from?" so, everyone think what you like best ^ ^ as for me, I think an ecosystem with only Pokemon would be a little instable. I mean flies or zanzara do their part too but cannot fight due to their size.

About the virus spreading. They have a reason to spread it, so please stay tuned ^ ^ Anyway each Sorrow got their own personality, so Ren bites only cute girls and Ocean seems not interested at all in spread the virus.

>Tisque. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you like FOH ^ ^ I enjoyed reading your character's profile. Unfortunately I cannot accept your character in the story like I cannot accept characters from other readers as well. I don't feel like doing collaboration so I decided this way.

This is the Faq about this point, just in case:

Q#17 - Could you draw this [insert name of Pokemon] Gijinka Character for me?
A: Maybe, anyway it won't have any main role in the story. Also I wont' draw any gijinka character you already invented (e.g. its outfit, face etc.) but I can only accept suggestions (when it's possible).

Q#18 - Do you accept suggestions of gijinka characters?
A: I already decided everything of the plot so actually I don't need any suggestion ^ ^ I just hope I'll have the chance to draw your favourite Pokemon gijinka, that's all. Anyway I read all your comments from the comic so, I can understant from there too what gijinka you would like to see :D
Short hiatus
Sorry guys, I'll be off for a while ^ ^"
I'll be back after Easter break, take care!

>Groudonkid: as you said they need to be weakened first ^ ^ The only way to catch Sorrows is painballs and they work only if the target is suffering from wounds. Well, they have a chance to be effective even if the target is frustrated like that Minun but in this case I can reveal that that Minun has a strong reason to fight and to resist to a pain ball. Well, next pages will explain ^ ^

>SassyThePokemonLover: As Groudonkid explained, bonds between Pokemon themselves are a valid basis for Return or Frustration moves. There must be someone who is the origin of the power for Plusle's Return, next pages will explain ^ ^
Lyla didn't expect a strong "return" like that...
Physical combo will complete next page : 3

>Groudonkid: don't worry about asking whatever you feel like ^ ^
I understand your suspects but Sorrows live three weeks and that dialogues in the flashback happened a day or two before, like you thought. Sorrow virus is effective on every Pokemon so far.
Never thought about catching people XD but as you said I often imagine them as Pokemon. I have a friend I'm sure would be a nice Mudkip XD

Owlfeather: thank you : ) yeah, Plusle is quite a fan of Celebi lol
end of flashback
I wonder if dialogues here are ok (>_<)
Sorrows' real enemies appear to be trainers : P

>Silver: thank you, I'm glad you like it (*ノωノ)
my da account is
First time a enemy reveals their background, I'm nervous XD
Anyway this flashback will be really short and end up in next page, so Lyla's battle will be back soon

Plusle is quite cheerful when Lyla is not around...
Lyla is beginning to understand...
Thank you for your support, now I'm officially out of school XD

>Groudonkid: It's Lyla's fault I guess...(;¬_¬) but it's going back to dramatic

>Manga-ka: Lyla's Pikachu got the hidden ability "Lightningrod". He can't recover hp when suffering an electric attack but electric attacks can't harm him ^o^
February 28th, 2013
Yesterday I couldn't login probably due to some mantenaince...? ヽ(・_・;)ノ Anyway here I am with the update.

Tomorrow is graduation ceremony at school for me (*ノωノ)

>Owlfeather: No, it doesn't hurt at all : D Pikachu's ability is "Lightningrod" : 3