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Kraw kraw who's this chick? Hehehehe Love the update! Can't wait to read more!
@ameoname: Not gonna lie, I'm interested in Garvan! I always fall for the stoic mysterious types (esp when they have a bit of a temper) -v- <3

Also your layouts and pages are a thing of beauty, my eyeballs cannot get enough of it! (Followed you on tumblr too!)
I just started reading this, but I wanted to tell you that I'm seriously, seriously interested in this! Your art is so stylish and pleasing to the eye! And the story is getting so intriguing! I can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the amazing work!! <3
Oh man oh man so I did a bit of binge reading with this and, my god, is it as good as ever <33 Loved seeing these kids again! <33
Oh man such good news!
Guys I am totally sorry for the lack of pages. I think I'll be needing to take that break after all.

So have some amazing news instead! Anfänge has been slated to be featured on If it gets enough support, it scores a pretty sweet chance to get published. That's right, with your support, you could get your own hardcopy <3

While taking this break, I'm going to update Anfänge over on's side until it comes up to date. Once it does, I think I should be able to start adding new pages to both websites then :>

But in the mean time, it would mean a lot if you could could (sign up and) hit the 'favorite' button for Anfänge over on this here website:
You guys are the best around ;;
@jovialMagician >> Thank you so much ;; Also, it's pronounced as "Meh-My-Eee" :>

@Mythee >> I'd just hate to disappoint you guys is all ; w; Thank you for being very understanding <3

@SolaratheHedgehog >> Thank you, it really means a lot ; w; <3
I'm super super sorry guys
Currently, I'm sick, dealing with work and relationship problems. On top of saving for a trip back to the United States to see my best friend marry the woman of her dreams.

Life's been very hectic lately and I'm sorry I couldn't put an actual update page up. You've all been very understanding lately and I just ask for some patience ;; The actual page(s) will be put up over the weekend, but I will try my damnedest to get it up sooner.

Thank you for being an amazing set of readers, I wouldn't know what I'd do without you ; w;

@kuroi_hitsuji >> Ahahahah no worries, I'll be sure to let everyone be updated on whatever happens. I'll link you guys to a page/blog/space where I can update stuff too for easier tracking :>

@prof >> Emil was a hipster before hipsters became hipsters and were still scene kids ;D No worries brahtato, you guys on the boards will be the first ones to be updated anyway XD

@mmstudios >> Ah! I use Chrome! I'll keep that in mind next time, thank you ; w;

@Charil >> Make ALL the friends, charm ALL the prefects 8V It's my job anyway, to tear one reader after another between their emotions >:D

@Mr. Marple >> Thank you so much, your words are very encouraging and it's nice to see that there are still readers coming in still :>

As for the pattern, I believe it's called 'crosshatching', though mine is a lot looser and with a much lighter value.
@The_Hankerchief >> 20 - 30 more pages yeah :< I'm trying not to stretch it out too far, because then the ending wouldn't have the impact that I want XD But don't worry, I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on any new updates I got ;>

@MayhewCullen >> Yeah, sadness XD I never really actually had plans for Anfänge to be mega-super-long like some of the more popular comics here on SJ XD I don't think I could manage that XD
Apologies ; ^;
I've been feeling so unmotivated lately :< IDK why. I think it may just be IRL raring it's ugly head again, but meh!

Anyway, comic update time! ^w^ I've only got two more pages of script to finish (so maybe 20 or so more pages?) until the end ; ^; BUHBUHBUH I know ;_____; I have plans to continue telling Emil and Lila's story, but I might just have to put that on the backburner for a little while.

No vote incentive because I cannot log into TWC for some strange reason ;; However, comments are especially awesome <3 Also, did anyone know that Emil has his own tumblr blog? ;D
@kuro_hitsuji >> Ahahaha Ruth is one hell of a puppydog though, don't be fooled by his cutesy, adorable demeanor XD

@TheStranger >> Thank you muchly ahaha XD It's amazing how a few words and a few facial expressions can do in order to convince someone XD

@greenapple >> CANNOT. UNSEE XD New scenario; he tries to buy his way out of his girlfriend's temper tantrum with ice-cream. Still works by me XD

@Andromeda Lazuli >> Ahaha I think every guy employs this tactic now and then. They can't live without us, OH NO >:3c

@Cannetella >> Aren't they though? Tooth-achingly sweet at that too ;;

@The_Hankerchief >> I like how you see it that way still ;D He's not completely free of Delilah though, woman's got a vindictive nature.
Oh Ruth :<
What are we going to do with you, man?

Ruth has the best sad faces though, sort of like when a puppy looks at you all guilt-stricken. Not even Lila could resist it.

Anyway, I got received a couple of asks over the week about the twins' father; Josef, and his brothers :> Vote incentive is a quick sketch-a-roo of the brothers back when they were good-looking and date-able ;D
@The_Hankerchief >>Dr. Weiss is boss on so many levels, he could probably hear them doing 'inappropriate' things through those thick walls anyway.

@Coraline Castell >> Thank you muchly :> Always good to hear from readers ♥
@SkullzMelody >> Emil's a cheap punk, he'd start damned near anything if it meant he could get his five minutes under the limelight XD

Aww, I find it flattering you guys think she's pretty, despite the fact that she doesn't have all the stereotypically 'cute' and 'pretty' features XD

Dummkopf is the best insult ever, mang. It means "stupid head" (literally), it's pretty common in a lot of WWII films, IDK why, when there are so many other terrible things you could call someone in German XD

@Charil >> Lila is like, the first real lady he's ever had his eyes on. HE'S LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER ; 3;
Oh man, I just love how Dietrich bumbles through all these cryptic messages and weird rituals. It's like everyone's on board a huge prank and he's just walking into a trap ;; Poor bby!
Oh man Ruth
Maybe you should've thought twice about punching your love interest's only remaining family in the face.

You know, being a gentleman and all.

Welp kiddies! Here's another update from me. I feel particularly blah about this page, but I do like the transitions... I think. Anyway, vote incentive will be up shortly ;D
@Pochi >> Ahahaha well, this is a pretty good guide here -->

I've always pronounced it as "Ahn-fen-ge" :>
I make such an awful secret santa XD Everyone knows it's me! OTL! XD
@mockingbirdflyaway >> It should be Delilah, the girl :p These were like, the first few comic pages I've done in years, it gets better though XD Don't worry!