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Drinks too much coffee and pets too many cats, doesn't get enough sleep and never has enough money. But hey! Comics!
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I can't believe I've used that title before oh well...

Anyway, Bri's going to realize, eventually, that his prefect gig is gonna cost him his girl. But don't worry, these two make it out okay, eventually. Give it time! Promise nothing awful happens to them ;)

Moving away from that topic, however, is this week's bonus content!

Bonus Content: Sibling Rivalry
It ain't easy being a prefect.
The downside of dating a prefect is hearing how your sibling gets thrashed about on a date.

Bonus Content: Me, My Friends and I
You can find all sorts of things in the library, Mr. Yamaguchi, but a date? You're cute, yeah, but even you've got to work a little harder ;)

And yay! More bonus content: [ Snatched ]
Aha! Motivation!
I admit, I never take titling the updates seriously. Gotta have some fun somewhere, amirite? :p Anyway, I think anyone who's read the original remembers this part here. But for those that didn't: Lila's time at the school was never meant to exceed a month or two. And yet they'll live to see senior year! Curious, isn't it? We'll definitely find out more, especially now that we're peeling back this intriguing onion layer by layer >:3

And for today's BONUS CONTENT: [ Phone Home ]
See ya!
Emil has to suddenly be somewhere? Hmm, that can't be good. What do you guys think?

BONUS CONTENT: Prefect Perfect
Lord almighty...
They're actually being *honest* for once. Call up the news stations everyone, they don't actually hate each other after all!

We're coming to a close on this second chapter, which, looking back-- was probably a little too long. But I didn't really know where to cut it as I had intended the story to go as one long straight shot. Hard lessons for an easier future. (I'm not quite through with these kids yet ;D)

Anyway, please enjoy soem BONUS CONTENT
[ The Real McCoy ]
Wow, Emil.
I'd be REALLLLLLY careful blabbing on about how much you care, Emil. The walls have ears, and YOU have a lot of enemies as I recall ;)

This is a bit of an exciting update because WE GOT MORE FANART!! AOOOOOOH!!! <3 Nyanchou is incredibly talented and graced us with another amazing sketch here! AHH I feel so loved ♥

BONUS CONTENT: [ Oh, brother ]
Look at that kids!
Looks like underneath all that melodrama and tough-guy-ness, Emil's got a beating heart after all :p

Sure, kids...
Whaaaaatever you say 9__9 I probably went a little overboard with the pills. I thought it might have been cheating by using 3D software or something to quickly work through it but man... my poor wrist. Time to rethink bad decisions?

Anyway, here's today's Bonus content, as voted by Patrons on Patreon!
[ The Doctor is In ]
Wow Wow Wow
OOF Emil's dropping a lot of hints that I don't know I can answer them all in the next update :p Still, we're getting somewhere now. Why shouldn't she be taking those pills? And why isn't she "crazy" after all?


BONUS CONTENT: [ The Best Years Of Our Lives ]
Happy Lunar New Year
To all my friends and followers who are celebrating: Have an awesome time with family and friends this Lunar New Year! And don't forget to spread around some of that prosperity too ;)

Ah, Lila. Always the butt of Emil's commentary. Good thing our bonus content this week sheds a little more context on their relationship!

BONUS CONTENT: Strictly professional.

Don't forget, you can support this comic on Patreon, where you can vote on new bonus content material and gain access to new pages as soon as they're done!
Well, well, well...
Trouble certainly doesn't start till these two waltz in :p

We've already met Mr. Yamaguchi, and he'll be appearing in later updates more frequently ;) Chey too! He's got a pretty important part much later on in the story, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

That's why today's Bonus Content is gonna be more about him! PLUS WE GOT FANART!!!

BONUS CONTENT: A boy named Chey.

Check out Ash's other work and excellent characters here:

FANART: Thank you Nyanchou!

Check out more of Nyanchou's work on:
Shh! No yelling in the library!

BONUS CONTENT: The future?It's bright, son.
Hit me with your best shot...

Well, Chey! Emil! This looks like the start of a beautiful rivalry!

BONUS CONTENT: What The Future Holds...
@Jana-Z95: Hey hey! No issues at all! Thank you for pointing it out! I'll try and correct it when I get the chance to X)

German always trips me up with the polite/informal words XD Thank you again!
Ah, more juicy revelations coming in...

Hm, maybe 'juicy' isn't the right word right now...

BONUS CONTENT: Something about Cousin Gaga...
Bang, Bang
Not the hit from Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj ;)

BONUS CONTENT: What happens before the party, stays.
Hey, they're growing teenagers, they're gonna NEED all the food they can get, especially when it's fancy and free!

I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday so far! By the time I'm alive again, I should have already gone through ComicFiesta! I'll probs do a recap some time down the line :3c

I mean
I had to make that pun. Somebody had to!
Sheesh, Lila
Don't have a cow about it, man.

Uniforms galore! [ Student ] [ Prefect ]