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Ummm.... hi!
(>W<)For now I am just looking through all your guys' manga! And they're really good BTW! I might post some of my comics as well but for the mean time....

よろしくお願いします (°ω°)シ
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December 14th, 2011
You updated~! Love it!
University must be tough... I am in a DA program in a Community College and I find it tough @_@
Congrats! What are the odds I wonder...
hmm *goes to count comments


around 1 in 161! wow~!
Amazing! Your so lucky! I hope one day to publish my manga.... but first I have to start it lol

anywho, my fave character would be Riona because not only is she cute but she is also very silly/funny and reminds me a bit of myself ^^ (I didn't have an easy time making friends either, though for a different reason).
O'Canada's The Apprentice reference? Only x10 lol
haha Riona is too funny xD

Can I join in too (〇ω〇) ?
i love this comic mang~ I'm hooked :D
this one is my favorite so far xD this an the farting one lol
Snap Yo!
Did she came out of a scary movie or something? Scary turn DB>
So nostalgic...
If it has a seed or seeds, it's a fruit.
hairy pits....
haha I love Riona's serious face and the last panel xD hilarious!
on my first try... :< I messed up the first two lives at 30 points b/c I got confused to which arrows did what @w@ then i got the hang of it.

Fun game! I would play more but I got so much work to do for school... college is no fun mang... D:
Aww i love how Jun and Shinchi protect Riona xD But I think I would react like Cugen though :P

also, I have a friend in my JAPN202 class who always wears suspenders, in fact his nickname is Mr. Suspender (in a japanese accent so its more like misutaa susupendaa lol). I think I will try this on him >:3
cute laugh.. like a snake lol
I hope Riona warms up even more to the new ppl in her group of friends c:

and if it makes you feel better... I was dumb enough to not think of Cugen as being the thief D:
that last panel is awesome! serious mode on!
and do we get to see Chakin's drawing??
I want to see too >3<
wow shes like... interesting xD I kinda like her lolz
icecream plz
omg the interaction between Riona and Jun was hilarious xD

awesome as always :3
haha so biased indeed!

ah.. question for Riona: When did you first start listening to white noise?
Shichi: Why is your hair purple, yo? D:
haha that girl looks pissed xD but why? lol
and that youtube vid was awesome :3
You may think its crappy but its awesome to meh :V
Two new members at the same time huh? how lucky can you get? or maybe not so lucky...:0?