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I love video games, anime/manga, yaoi, drawing, writing stories, cooking, and singing/listening to music, and also pranks, night time, and other things that I can't remember momentarily... >> <<

I hate pink, wearing girlie things, sunlight, pain-in-the-ass bitches, people who think they are better than others, people being fucking racists (I'm asian, so don't say anything, unless it's a joke), preps (not all, just 'certain'), pep-rallys, and anything that involves with school, and grammer...

I guess you can call me a emo type of person, cause I'm always somehow hurting myself (but not on purpose... excpt that one time...), I love night time, and staying up late, I'm the atheltic type, even though I don't look like it. I also stand up for my friends, maybe even for others (depends where you are on me like-hate list), and I LOVE bloody/gore, it's so awesome!!! I always want to touch organs, and then throw it at my friends (I'm evil, so what?). But I'm still a great person (Lie. [Shut up!])
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    Just call me Yuna or Alyssa
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Ha,ha, if I was in Isamu's position, yes, I agree with him-BUT, I'm not him! (Ha, ha!) So Taiki, do your worse on him >D

I would like to say planes aren't bad, but the last time I went on a plane when I was very, VERY young, so I don't know D: (I like boats more for some reason :P) But have fun :3
This is my first time reading this, and I would like to say this is cute, adorable, awesome, and hilarious! XD I can't stop laughing! I look foward more of this story~ :3
Oh. My. Freakin'. CHEEZITS!!! D<
1) Kaito, you are GAY and in LOVE with Shuno!! (just in denial ;P)
2) Colt, fine someone else to love, damnit!! D< (-coughcoughcoughDanicoughcough- o3o I said nothing... -shot-)
N' 3) DON'T KILL COLT, SHUNO!! (He is awesome, and needs someone to love D:)

Btw, awesome comic :D and love your art style, espically the backgrounds =w= I suck at them D:
Ironic I said that, cause it's pass midnight for me XD (And what happen last night for him XP)
And I should be asleep for school in the morning o-o
God I am stubborn Xd
Btw, LOVE your comic :D
We do that in my house, except I only know English XP (Still Asian)
I stretch like that too =w=
August 23rd, 2011
Fuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Q-Q I...I don't know what to say... Craig, give him a hug!!
/\O 3 O/\

LOL XD I'm sorry, but I HAD to put it, my guy friend and I would said that when there's an awkward moment X3
Haha, but good story so far :D
My first time reading this, and I figure this was going to happen XD
Haha, poor guy X3
I think Ren a Seke :D
... Grr... I forgot what I was a going to say after that... =_=;; Damnit, why am I so absent-minded!?!? D<
I'll eventually remember... I hope...

Edit: Now I remember!! (Man that was quick :O)
I have a character name Miki too, he also haves red eyes, but blonde hair!! Funny I would find a manga with someone whose character has the same name and eye color and personality (sorta, he's slightly more lively X3) like mine :O
OH MY EFFING GOD!!!!!!!!!! YOUR HERE IN HOUSTON TOO!!!!!!!!! I'M STAYING HERE WITH MY DAD!!!!!!!!! (Well, Houston is my hometown, but I moved TT^TT) But I LOVE your story and drawing style XDD Keep it up!!!
Somehow, I agree with Craig. If I was painting that bird, and can't finish it like him, I'll be, "F--K YOU BIRD!!" -throws paint and grabs laptop to read some yaoi- XDD BUT besides the point, it is a nice, pretty bird~ X3 Keep it up~ :D
Damniiiiiiiiiit!! Second again!! >3< Oh well... I love the little Clarie (So cute) and you draw backgrounds beautifully (I can't draw them well ;w;)
FFFFF- I just started reading this today, and this thing is f---ing awesome!!! XD
(Random thought for pannels 4-10 ThatIhavenoideawhereIgotitfrom XP)
Kenny: If you will not tell where the treasure is, I will use my secret weapon!!
Kyle: I will never tell you!!
Kenny: Well then! -charge-
Kyle: -thinks- Oh sh-t!!
Kenny: Fear my ultimate secret weapon!! THE SUPER MEGA TICKLE ATTACK!!!
(FFFFFFF- XD Haha, sorry >w<" Again, random thought X9)

Edit: -stares- I must of been drunk once again... -_-"
Aw~! I got second, oh well~ Better than nothing XD Still love this (and you). Thank god you post more :3 Keep it up (Wait, why am I acting older?)
And happy early birthday!! X3
Haha, good job though :3
-Trying so hard not to scream- You finally update!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! It's so pretty~!!!! And-omfg, Craig looks soooo awesome!!!! (GAH!!! I SOUND LIKE A GIRLIE!!!! I'MNOTGIRLIE!!!!!! DX) Keep up the good work~!!! ^w^ (I did it again!!)

Edit: Wow... I over reacted WAY too much... o-o" (And now my english is failing on me -_-")
Lol, I'm like Esau. When people argue or I feel left out of a conversation, I walk away and they don't notice till they turn to me, haha X3
I think my tongue got tangled X3
C: |.
Y: .|
C: |.
Y: .|
C: |.
Y: |.

57:-43 Shit! I lost to myself... again! >w< Haha! I need to use that, it's so funny! And cute!