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Moi! I'm lazyass graphic-designer from cold Finland
ja nii edellee :-D

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Mush: En oo enää koulussa, kesäloma Yay! xD Ja ei tää kone lopullisesti pamahtanu, en vaan voi viedä huoltoon (ku kaveri "huolti" kaikki ohjelmat tähän ja se ei oo täällä päin kauheen useesti töiden takia, eikä siks voi huoltaa ongelmata pois)
Fordibben: I KNOW!! ToT DAMN!! Dx
Yep, not an update. Just thought that i should let you know about this... Oh the misery T~T... I borrowed my sister computer an 'cause it's mini laptop i can't even download anything here... So no updates for a long long time.

*v*; ...things, you know, the things, they just happens xDD
Ja muutamat roiskeet, ne vaan kaunistaa, eikö :'-DDD
Way to go boss, positiivinen kaveri 8D
xDD argh kalanaama pilasi kaiken.
Howdy! Sorry it took so long to update, i have been kinda busy... argh, the page, i can smell the incompleteness... but the show must go on right?

@megami23: YES, cookies for you!! 8DD
@Shiako: aw, thanks <3
@mr.mushroom: D8 oh mah ass they are not what I wanted them to be
@ukiiukii: >8D to scare the shit out of our main character
@Komapsunida: aw, thank you so much! <3 :v:
-.- there is no words to describe how much I hate those stupid skulls and birds… arrgh, I’ll probably edit this later, but right now I just want to move on, this page is just too frustrating DD:<

OMG, I just realized I made one big lame mistake oDo; FAIL!! No cookies for those who notices it ;n;

@Oxygentank: Thank you!
@elijou: aw, thanks!! ^n^
@ukiiukii: Thanks! <3 They’ll show up in the end of the chapter and with my speed it’ll probably take long long long time to reach there :’-D
@campanella: Thank you!! <3
Haha, reiska äijä. Demoni näyttää olevan ihan kujilla xDD
Thank you for almost 200 favs!! ;n; man, you people make me so happy!! <3
As a thank you, here's a little peek of the on coming characters :-DD

@yehram: To the doom! :-DD Thanks! <3
@megami23: Thank you! <3
@j0bbernowl: Thank you! :-DD
@mildtarantula: Thank you! <3
January 23rd, 2011
I love your style <3 This comic is just awesome
Wee, i edited this page a bit :-D the third panel made my heart bleed >.>
Ewwwww xD No pesipä ne handyt kuitenki lopulta :'-D
Yeah shit happens, it was one of those-AAARRRGHHHH- moments >.>
Moi everyone! I’m sorry, didn’t plan to have this long hiatus, time goes pretty fast *v*;

So the hiatus is owah! And what was the result of it… nothing, yay. It was such a tragedy you know! ;o; I finally got my computer back and all exited started my awesome webpage pimp up and sketch some new pages and then when I was almost ready… ALL GONE xOOOO I don’t know what happened! ;o; They just disappeared… ooo so depressing… so no cool pimp up for this page, I’m too lazy to start all over again *-*

And yay! Finally the intro is over! <3
@Komapsunida: Thank you! <3
@Forbidden_Requiem: waw I’m sorry D: I dun like them either! So thanks for kicking my butt an’ reminding me to do some work again! xD
ooh, so cool banana you got there. Woo for the cool banana \o/ woo~
Holy :O Your art is just awesome! I totally love this!
Thank you so much for the favs!! And sorry for the short oncoming hiatus! My computer needs few kicks so it'll obey me again. And I'm planning to pimp this websites outlook a bit. So no new pages for few weeks! Sorry!

@RadicalTrain: For what is to come, he probably wished they did :'-D
gravitation sucks >v<
WOAH! Jotain osasin odottaa, ku nii vihjailisititit, mut tuli aika nurkan takaa :-o haha, he just generally lacks of ninja skills :--DD