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My english sucks!
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    Sonia Schtolz
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Well, sorry for the late-late update. Yes, I came back to the comics. And yes, it's black and white now. Maybe I'll color it later.
I get many e-mails with asks to continue this fan-comics. So here you are.
Enjoy, friends. And thank you for support.
I am so sorry for a long no-updating. I started to draw next pages already!!!
I'll upload it as soon as I finished it. I hope it will be next Monday.
Well, as you know I know english very bad. But I do my best.
I hope all dialogues are cleary understandable.
Well, page 4. I love Kahna on the first panel. :D
And I hope my donkey looks like donkey... not horse. lol
LOL. First pic from Kahna's childhood. She was so loud and funny kid. I absolutely love her...
It's a pity, when Kahna grown up her heart become like an ice.
It always happens when others do not realize your important senses.
I suck at drawing buildings. Sorry... I need more practice, really!
The first cover of "Shadar".
Awesome art you have here. I must read it all. Really... fav so far. :)
Very nice motion panels.
Awesome art you have here. I don't like pokemons very much.. but your comic interested me.

She is so bright rainbow angel. I love it.
I lke how you draw a water reflection. Very nice work.
Your work with screentones is pretty good. keep it up.
March 30th, 2009
I have a little art-present for you.
I hope you'll like it. :)
All battle panels look good in your comic. Keep it up!
Interesting. Can't wait for what will happen next. Keep it up.
You animal art is really great.
March 29th, 2009
Awesome! It looks very interesting... fisrt panel looks a little bit creepy but very charming.
Awesome art you have here. fav!
Can't wait for more!