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Congrats on finishing book 1. It was a great read!
Yay! This has been a long time coming! <3
Excited to see book 4 start.
These guys... Give Kotetsu and Barnaby a run for their money when it comes to their more than bRomance. (shipping RonnieXBrodie so hard)
Aww Reese, I wanna give you a hug. *cuddles*
Haaaaaaaaaaapy Birthday
Shall I have a drink for you since I'm having plenty for no other reasin than it's FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY
This seems pretty incredible so far.
Ha! Love Amery's reaction. Dooo doo doo.. Wait... What? Did I really just see that?
Some of my faves on this site are
Black Dram
Pictures of You
HEARD: a GL comic
Tiny Pink Robots
Ada Lee Comes On!
The Cafe d'Alizee
Light Romantic
The Suits
Just noticed...
There's a reference to drinking suits pretty early on as well- in the prologue. Only just picked that up, as I started rereading from the beginning.
Gotta love James' t-shirt. Just sayin...
Everyone's commenting on the Beibers... I noticed that hat that said cock...
Maybe the TV is behind the band to make them feel like they're getting all the attention when in all honestly its Anderson Cooper everyone is focused on?
Heh heh. So evil. Almost need a video and not a comic page of this next scene.
I'd love to think she's a gangster, but instead I think she's some type of secret agent?? Maybe?
Oh Gradmothers...
Sometimes my Gramma can come up with the weirdest things as well. But I love her anyways
Sundays are good for me. I don't have any webcomics I read that have a Sunday updates.

Alex looks like he's pretty down though. Maybe it's the rain?
The solution to all life's problems.
Welcome back!
Love the last panel. Like what's wrong with really enjoying my orange?