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I like dragons and comics...
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    J riley McCool
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@Cheerful_dragon: glad to help ..hope you enjoy it
@Cheerful_dragon: its up at both places.. had a few friends check the links.. kindle fire is able to read ink bunny..and foxfire but some cell phones apparently have trouble with inkbunny there are 31 posts of 3 to 15 pages in the "book" 2 pool..
@Cheerful_dragon: pages are posted in pools / chapters. each post is a group of pages in order.. hs has some adult pages.. but can be skipped two pool is here: d=20165&page=1&orderby=pool_order&random=no&success=

also things get posted here
@alphamule: its an idea; I haven't been updating here for some time just been up dating duck. moved habibah's song over to inkbunny as a back up to duck.. considering moving Lan and warmwind over to patreon as the page size restriction that gives me trouble here would not be a big deal there..
@Cheerful_dragon: ended up homeless for a while in june.. a very down time...which made posting here really hard to post here.. by the time we were back indoors, it(posting) seemed pointless... so yeah posting here is time consuming.. requires ever page be re sized.. or pay for an upgrade.. that doesn't seem worth the price.. sj is a site that makes me feel like i should of stopped making comics long ago.. I moved hs over to inkbunny.. feedback is nice..not found a new home for ph ... thank you for commenting :)
@aqua: its up now was not trying to tease...:) just worked out that way some how.
@man in black: a page from classical myth.. the gods bleed gold..
@Cheerful_dragon: had to cut the pages in half, and rename modified files to make them fit here..
had to smash this one a lot
@aqua: Lan's children yes
@man in black: yes Rip pooka
Puck is saying she will stop taking her meds to help "father" a child
@aqua: unforeseen consequences of his earlier actions.
@Cheerful_dragon: its how life often is
@Cheerful_dragon: I'll see what i can do to fix the problem the further back a page is in the archive the harder it is to fix.
@Cheerful_dragon: Jack will just happily fight with anyone. the pooka jack is fighting with is a unnamed defender. the important part here is that jack and boo get in trouble for fighting
@PlayingPluto: thank you,