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I'm a student who is currently studying Animation Production at AUB. After I finish my current course I want to travel the world and make films. I'm an aspiring comic artist. I want to release atleast one graphic novel before I die.

I've worked on many many many past comics on here. Most notably Hypermode, CityBreak and Legends Quest but none of them have really worked out for me. Mostly due to lack of interest or simply the fact I always feel like I've got a better idea.

I have a few ideas I would love to get around to that I'm really passionate about. Lost Stars, Professor Blueberry and Honey and the Bee! But I'm currently working on Midnight Quester which is more just something fun to do until I get around to the other stuff
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February 24th, 2015
Fuck Bitches
Am I right?
@JimLad: Sorry dude, I suddenly had a massive load of animation work at uni and no spare time. i'm gonna try and do a couple of pages in 2 weeks time since I'll have a bit of free time.
@JimLad: only when I'm on a mission
@JimLad: Jimmy please. that's my fathers eye ball. I can't just eat that

@SuperScratchkat: what the fuck? why is this a thing? XD
@JimLad: thank you for noticing dude! I'm trying my best to get the little details.

Why thank you! I wasn't sure about the grey scale at first but I'm really liking it. I can't wait dude for that 10 page fav
Run run run as fast as you can
you can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man
Let's do it!
My Quest Starts Here
@JimLad: all the yes! I'll shall make it a running theme throughout the comic. no brand is safe from my mixing of names. Like Cadlaxy (a mix of cadbury and galaxy) Chocolate and Stuff like that. It's gonna be awesome
I wonder how I came up with that name. it's not like I just mixed sprite and fanta together... haha that's crazy am I right? right...
Drawing dem pages
like I'm MLGpro. Get out of my way I'll 360 no-scope you mate #fightmeirl #fightme #seriouslymydadworksatnintendo
@JimLad: Why you do this? Your poking only makes me want to stop drawing. -continues drawing anyway- I lied it's actually very helpful thank you
Delicious goodness
I always dream about food, what about it?
Hello and Welcome
I wanted to make a comic that was just random and made up as I go along... so here it is :) enjoy! expect more updates soon
Oh sweet jesus! the feels are very real on this page. will he ever see his son again? so many questions...
Not gonna lie. I'm shipping Jeff and the Alligator. they just have a real connection you know? 10/10 would draw NSFW fan art and post it on tumblr
First off I'm still working on Lost Stars. The main reason I stopped at the page 6 mark was because I want to do the characters justice and do them right and not rush into it. I thought they were ready but they're not. Then my laptop broke and I literally just brought a new one which is insanely awesome because I can finally do digital artwork again. I've started an Animation Production course which I'm gonna be doing full time for the next 3 years so I've been drawing like crazy. Anyway, that's just life atm but I actually recently talked to Eric Shaw (one of the writers on Spongebob) he was doing a talk on Screenwriting and he gave me some great advice on writing.

Anyway, Site is being redesigned to fit this comic size. I've been working on stories and the future of Lost Stars. I've been doing more world building and I'm gonna get back to scripting asap. I've done character redesign as you may be able to tell from the new banner. anyway, expect something soon. sorry for the long wait
I actually just screamed! oh my god I'm so pumped for September! Mosama was right. My childhood is back
love it, love all of it. especially the part where you're dad is satan. that part is tops. +fav
wait things are going to get difficult? please let her still have use of her legs. I would be so sad if she woke up and couldn't move her legs
The drama, the sexual tension, THE DRAMA! it's all too much.

maybe not so much sexual tension but my point is still valid