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do i see raging demon or is that raging thunder?...Or something else
-.- why does it always m- oww yeah i am a attack type
i now who can stop him

the unstopable
the most strongest character in smackjeeves
the coolest and best sprite i never saw

THE COW *cowman*
so let my count girls for randemno...lets see
and one i forgot
and adraina

wonder who should win?
i wonder how it feels a bullet in your chest?
riiiiiight... dude shadil you just say'd yesteryday: in the end story raziune kissed shadil. and thats what you said and it was no a lie what i said now
YES IT IS if you look good in the white letter you see a tiny whale
let me think hmmmm..... i have no clue
@pingas uhmm his whole sheet has no credit + it has another color your gun but still it is the same
XD i need permission to post comics
RIGHT just stand there while a dead body is on the wall...........

uhhmm i need perms
yeah it really need shading X_X
or watching for fail :3
why the hell need the boobs bigger XD

and i think i choose 3
its nice ^^ only the quils and its good