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NOOOOOOOOOOO. Shush those wings will grow back all you need is some magic honey and...and.. :C The Eevee's cute, who wouldn't be excited about being on the run with a bunch of wanted criminals? Drastic character development can be seen from Puck considering how he was in the beginning to now.
@RadicalTrain: I think a sugar hangover is when you eat so much halloween candy and get ridiculously hyper but the next day your body gets revenge by being all ugh
*continues to silently read*
Is that a dead body?!
What's Patrick's natural hair color?
Holy shit that's a lot of updates. Love the eevee, love the comic, keep up the good work.
Still don't like Rick >:I this seems like a good opportunity to know whether Rick actually is a douche or just unlucky, but at the same time... I just can't help but get a bad vibe from him.