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I'm an avid gamer, a guitarist, and superior to you in every way.
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The who-dunnit Mystery
Since Trebor said we were allowed, this piece was made myself, and one of my comics co-authors Nathan138. Nathan did the original artwork (because I'm not very artistic when it comes to drawing) and I did some touch-ups, and things like the text on Photoshop.

Well, Happy Holidays augest, all of the best to you, as for me, and my co-authors, we havent received our gift yet. But, I'm sure we will soon.
Bassium! Try Guild Wars, no subscription fees, great content, large community, its an overall good game, that you should be able to play.
Its more of a comic for those that actually play the game. But, just looking at the ritualist, everyone can appreciate the windchime comment
Piece of wall, meaning a section of wall, or, a chunk of a once existing wall.
150 Mana eh?
I could pull it off.
Post-It Note
Comic looks good, though I wish I could read that post-it note on the muscle diagram in the back.
Simply awesome
Probably the best thing I've read in a while (besides my comic :P) Definately adding this comic to my favs.
You spelled Assault wrong Nathan, just a heads up
Oh how the bunny hoppers from Counter Strike must be hating this game, because they probably get owned left and right. Battlefield 2142 FTW
Well Now
Someone had to say it, I just finally went ahead with it.

Accidently deleted the comic instead of editing the post, oh well, not much harm done.
That's right
You shall doubt my abilities no longer!

Turned out great I think, cant wait to get some more goin.

- Jeramy
TDG Wants you!
To start playing Ruff-Rose! Tis a great game, and everyone should play it.

Thanks for the support Mandi, really appreciate it.

Stay tuned for more hilarity, with The Daily Grind!

Like Nathan said, our IGN's are Jeramy and Nathan138, so give us a shout!