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Better, it gives me a definite number to look for ;D
I cant imagine you not being there Keith, you're everywhere, as an octopus...

but anyway, CONGRATS to Gar and Paige! :D
I totally agree with that keith
Every single boss battle in that game was complete assholery to anyone who'd been going down the non-lethal stealth route, but my personal worst was definitely that woman in Elizas room, there is hardly anything lying around to throw at her, and i still by this point had no weapons which could do more than make her a little dizzy for a few seconds, hell, even when she was stunned takedowns dont work, somehow she miraculously un-stuns herself o_O...and then there's the third boss...Namir...almost worse...especially if you get the 'fixed' biochip...not only did i only have stealth based augmentations with next to no offensive augs, they get taken away from you as well, so you just get left scrambling around the room trying not to get insta-killed by his plasma rifle, while i just had a tranq rifle, stun gun, and a double barrel with no ammo...yeah there were weapons lying around, but without the aim stabilizer youd think Jensen was holding a squabling chicken with how poor his aim can be o_O
Well that's one way to stop it getting away xD and thanks for the avatar Gar ^_^
I know i havent posted in a while, but i just have to say it, DAMN i love this comic ^_^
And i'll take one of those custom avas Gar, anything evil, yet amusing will do, just let your imagination run wild ^_^
I hope Neko never disappears again...i needs funny comics to get through the weeks XD
Ah, how fun evil is :D
And no Bummy! this is a travesty!! Maybe the pest control has gone through the city and is rounding them all up ;( Though, i do still see a bum, or should i say, DOOM ASS XD
I'm can't seem to get from my bookmarks, and i've had it there for ages, always working T_T
Post NEKOlyptic future for the win XD
So wait, does Eli know Igor.. i mean Tony?
Sidekick man is so evil, cause he's eating Bummy D;
I have to admit, it is McJefferfuel-efficient XD
And Buumy must have secret tunnels all over the city, as straight from Alice's house, all the way to that dumpster, thats fast...unless there's multiple Bummys, and the city has an infestation XD
It would be so creepy if they were singing House of Fun :O
Bummy's turned feral!!
And lol, at the Keno joke XD
Well, i've always hated Mario, his games annoy me, so him being a mass murderer just gives me another reason to dislike him XD
No-one wants to remember Daisy because she was involved in a terrible film...and i've never even heard of Pauline O_o
For some reason, that thing Bummy is being attacked by, reminds me of Angry Birds XD