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I'll show my comics here in a while :P
And If you want to know something more just ask :3
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you mean, my life
that's why i love tumblr xD
I could scare aven a ghost! Everyone that just know me say me that..
That's why ladies are scared of me rigth? ;m;
And you're awesome! >:B
I would be the fangirl tipe (w/out that yaoi thing D:) mixed with a burrito
have you been watching me?? xDD
I don't have the count of how many time that happend to me xd
OMFG! i loved this page! xD
I'm too late for everything!
Re-desing yay!~
omg that Pinku! ahahah
you have to wake up xD
I'll be here waiting :3
Here is Shichi with her Jun-mobile to reascude this day xD
Shut up and take my money
Mmmm a Jun-mobile... "i want one sir"
OMG!♥ I'll loking for this!!
It seems interensting, hope for more! ^^
Well since there are alot of questions i 'll just ask to Koko And Katsu xDD
Koko: O3o How's your mom?? Did Katsu met her already??
Katsu: *squish his fluffy tail and vanish (??)*
I just love her! xDDD
oh~ Poor Ren!!! It's his first day at school!!
He'll hate it! xDD
I just love Kokoro faces! xDDD
OMG! is a sexy miracle! xDDDD
I want my neko!!! xDD
ahaha i love Kokoro and Haru's faces xDDDD
I'm not into yaoi (i don't really like it)
But i love you work!!! >w<
Please continue!!!♥♥
I can only say.... ;3´;
Woo lots of comments xD
My favourite is Jun forever!! :DDDD
I want to be like him when i grew up (but i'm older than him actually xDD)
He is so random xD , also remember me a little when he say something "wtf" xD

(Sorry for my english~;w;)