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u just cant admit ur gay.... i learnd what crossdresing is and thats gay to

ponies are for girls and gay people. sorry but u guys are all gays

check out my comic maybe if u read it u can stop being gay bcuz it is strong and menly ahahahahha
jegus christ this sux

check out my comic its great its called shadows quest adventure and its COOL
sorry but this comig has FAKE CHARATERS in it so it suxxxxx gets a 2/10 F!

but check out my comic its got all good real charaters its cool!! its called SHADOWS QUEST ADVENTURE and its the best sprite comic aon smacjkeeves!!!! it gets 10/10 A+!!!
sorry but this sux check out my comic
this comic is kdidna cool (7/10) or C, but check out my comic which is better (10/10) or A+!!!

is called Shadow's Quest ADventure and its one of the best comcis on smackjeeves
sry but.... wtf....... looks wierd ur comic gets a 2/10 (F) check out my comic whicch got a 10/10 (A+)!!!
um.... this is real sucky sorry it gets a 1/10 F. the charters look real different like different games and tings and dont even look good and the sotry sux and this boring

but my comic is ALOT better it gets a 10/10 A+ but it has ALOT of JEALOUS haters who are mad that there not as popullar as im am
sorry but this is not good

check out my comic
sorry friend but does not look like it. check out my comic
hey shadowblade2584... THAT IS A COMMENT U DUMBNUTS

this comic ok but the drawins is lazy (why the sky is white??? why are diglets coming out of castles?)

my comic is ALOT better check it out
terra ur not worth my time. go die

cdbertram u should know that i hate fan charaters.... y is jelly jiggler from bobobobobobobo in their...?????

the green guy is a boring regullar fan charater guy. hes green sonic with slitely diffrent spikes and then clothes. y he wears clothes when nobodey else does xcept for girls?

sorry but i just dont like this thing. i dont see y u even need him he acts like sonic anyway.

the comic is kinda funy though but the speach bubles look kinda wierd tho
phottokinesis is not abilty to control plants buddy thats botanokinesis. phooto means light and botan means plant. if u controll light thats not means u controll plants u might just be able to get theme to re-act 2 some of the light mabye

check out my comics people. its got more pages and no fake charaters like this 1.
cdbertram is this the comic u wanted me to review or wass it a older 1?
yeah so what if i gave my own comic a 10/10, i can rate it which way i want ass hole
um... okay this comic is funny but it also sux. it made me laugh cause its so random and it dont got no fake charaters in it...

but the background is wierd and it got no speach bubles or even texboxes... sooo...

u get a 6/10 or D

check out Shadows quest adventure which gots a 10/10 A+!
when you scratch metel with metel it makes sparks dumb ass.

i did not know that this was ur comic thought it was "turbo the hedgeheog" comic whoever that is..........

metel lord is not fake. look at him and see that hes not a purple tails with 4 tails and a hat and pants... hes orignal
umm sorry but this sux. the action os confuseing (metel knuckles turned into metel sonic?) is also has fake charaters in it like that guy whose a ripoff of sonic and shadow but with cloths on. the pangels are 2 big and too wide and those sux also. the text is hard 2 read and to tiny and also in the panel where he cuts metel sonic why does metel sonic not even get pushed by the sword or the sword does not make sparks? that makes no sense and then also on top of that one then eh cuts him again and it WORKS THE SECOND TIME WITH JUST A SAME CUT??????? STUPID

now for this long review you get a 5/10... F.

also now that ive reviewed UR comic U owe me a look and review at MY comic and dont forget that my comic is one of THE TOP sprite comics on smack jeeves. everyone even admits this one now because the haters and trolls all LEFT... so CHECK IT OUT friend and U WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED and u can LEARN a lot from it
>watch an docmentary about commas