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huh... My opinion on the whole issue:

- Pinups:
As far as pinups (fanservice) goes, I don't think that good-size boobs are out of place there. Though I suppose that also depends on which group the artist is targeting. Certainly I prefer large boobs over wondering if looking at the girl in real life would get me a jail sentence ;)

- Comic books / internet comics / mangas:
I have a few criteria when choosing which mangas or comics to read such as the story, the cast and the style in which it is drawn (especially among mangas I disregard many a story simply because I cannot stand the art style). The breast size of the main cast is not on this list of criteria. I'll take an artist that can draw funny expressions (such as in this comic) over an artist that gives all females F-cups and all males 12-packs any day of the week.

- real life:
Again, it's the personality that counts for me. Or so I say ;)
January 20th, 2011
vote incentive
exactly where is Gail's left hand going there?

*turns brain off*

better that way, imagination was going into overdrive^^
Whatever's on the news, it's bound to be fuuun looking at the reactions.

Is it the flying maiden again?
November 18th, 2010
re: Sir Kitsune
If I remember the backstory correctly, Gail had a few issues with bullies in her past, so she would've been in more than a few scraps.
Plus, like Max said, Amber has no experience with pain while I doubt that even a broken bone or two are going to truly deter Gail.

btw, considering that Gail survived getting thrown into a wall by Amber after the transformation...
What are they going to hit Amber with to actually cause real pain? Baseball bats? I doubt a punch from Max will be enough (at least in the long run)

also: Cheers for Amber looking pretty badass in the 6th panel :)
lol, I hope that Amber remembers not to break him.

I mean, with her strength she should be able to just reach out, push through his stomach, grab his spine and crush it with one hand.
Unless he dodges, of course.
Whoa... I almost feel sorry for the guy now.

Sure, he's not one of the good guys, but he doesn't really deserve Gail torturing him, either...
(though I wouldn't stop her if I had the ability. I'd just feel slightly guilty)