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I'm Kiki, I currently live where I've spent most of my life...west Texas. During the day I earn a living as a Commercial Tech Support agent for a local cable company but at night I am a vigilante for wait, I'm a webcomic artist. Well, actually I do that during the day too since my job is so friggen slow right now. I have a kitty who drives me nuts and want a puppy so bad I can taste it...and puppys are so tasty XD
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So, new page! Confused? There are a total of 3 new pages so you'll be to go back a bit.

Also, sadly, this is the last page of OSAA. For why check out my blog post here:

If y'all would like to get a message when I start comicing again you can follow me on twitter at or sending me an email at
So, new page! There will be 2 more pages posted For why check out the last updated page.
Thanks Gibson...I'll try to not worry.

Hey, also. If y'all wanted to know what has been going on the last few months you can hop over to my blog (link near the top of the page). I finally started updating it again too.
Sweet Jesus on a skateboard...we finally finished the first book for the cable co. A month later than expected. I knew there would be a lot of work but I didn't realize how much apparently. Especially being the leader of a team of artists working on the project.

As you can see from the pic I'm back hard at work on OSAA! Since I'm on a break till the next book for the cable co project I'm going to work up a buffer...just in case I get swamped again. I've already got a few pages done...but plan on more. OSAA will start updating again on 1/24/11!
Thanks! I'm a little nervous & all kinds of excited.
So, I know it's been awhile. I've not given up on the comic. I got a job doing comics for a national cable co and I've been busy first applying for the job, then working on the first book. It's only every 3 months and I plan on continuing OSAA after I get this first book done later this month. Thanks for all the love y'all guys have given me over the years. I want to build up a buffer before I bring back the comic. OSAA will be back after New Years. I'll anounce a date in December.

(Pic is a recent sketch of an old comic character from my first webcomic)
@blix thanks, not so much extra work as research. Well, I guess research is work, haha. I found some photos of skin colors I thought looked closest to what I wanted for them & did some color picking in PS. I've also got new colors for everyone else too.

@fortheluvof thanks for speaking up ^_^ doh! I'll get that corrected.

@Esile thanks ^_^ yeah. I was worried about that too. I lay all the flats first then hide the layers I'm not working on. I didn't see them together till right before I posted that preview. Right after you tweeted about the contrast, Ryan said the exact opposite XD. He likes the finished product too though.

@mandu thanks ^_^
Sorry so late. Tried new tones for their skin and hair. I like it...what do y'all think?
LOL, Mandu.

@Esile - Of course. Didn't you know it's always the guys fault? ^-~
Another page!
Sigh, I planned on having this up Friday night but then my aunt, uncle and cousin came into town and then I got sick...and I suck at time management.
@Esile thanks ^_^ I'd have to say moving to a brush lessened the strain...

@mandu Thanks ^_^ & will do ^.^
Sneaks in & drops off the comic
What? This page has totally been there since last week...yeah. >.>

Sorry guys, I'm working without a studio as of right now and trying to draw on a 11x17 page with no table to draw on is interesting. But, I should have a new stdio set up this week..."should" being the operative word there.
So, I know I kinda dropped off the face of the earth. I kinda had a bit of a break down and stopped drawing at all or doing anything other than going to work and reading. Pretty much everything went to crap but I'm getting better...slowly but surely. I've finally started drawing again and even worked out the script and got lots of thumbnailing done. There will be a new page up this week. I want to thank everyone that stuck around.
Umm, yeah, I know this is WAY past the 1st...I suck. We are still trying to get everything together & adjusting to living with a roommate for the first time in many years is harder than I thought. I've lived with this guy before & we usually get along great but I've just gotten so damn used to living alone (& I'm a little bit of a control freak) that we've bumped heads a few times.
Yeah, I'd probably have more fans if I updatd a bit more regularly >.> but I'm going to work hard this next month to build a buffer to prevent the update skipping.

Thanks guys <3
Okay, moving roomie in is taking MUCH longer than expected. I just got my computer put back together yesterday (everything is having to be moved to fit all his stuff in the house). I've also had to deal with backed up plumbing that the plumber told us we would have to dig up the back yard to fix...and then the fridge broke...then the snow storm. Okay it was only 6 inches but I live in TEXAS for god's sake! We're not used to snow. I'm going to be heading back to the studio Sunday...OSAA will be back no later than New Years!

Also, roomie is making me say that he is not making me move everything like the pic shows. In fact he is doing most of it...even installing the new fridge that the maintenance man just dropped off (maintenance man fail!)

Also, I hope everyone is having a good holiday!
The plague has abated...mostly. I'm getting a new roommate tomorrow and I have to make sure everything is ready for him to move Friday's update might be late. I hope not but there is a possibility.