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I'm Kiki, I currently live where I've spent most of my life...west Texas. During the day I earn a living as a Commercial Tech Support agent for a local cable company but at night I am a vigilante for wait, I'm a webcomic artist. Well, actually I do that during the day too since my job is so friggen slow right now. I have a kitty who drives me nuts and want a puppy so bad I can taste it...and puppys are so tasty XD
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    Kiki Guinn
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I love your paneling...and the way you draw the characters! Neji is so pretty XD

*does happy dance*
Is it okay if we snicker about it? If not I need to hide.
Indeed. The second panel make me laugh.
I really like it ^_^ I wish I could paint -_-'
I totally missed the last 3 updates O.O I'm not sure how. Your art is definatly getting better with each page! I've been meaning to do some fan art for you for like forevars...someday I'll get to it >.>
yay! an update. I love your style and I can't wait for more pages ^^
February 21st, 2008
looks awesome ^^
looks great and the story is very interesting! def fav
you're welcome ^_^
I be the secrets santas
I'm glad you liked it ^_^ It's was fun to draw. Happy holidays!
that is awesome!
XD I love it! It is cracking me up that he is wearing TWO sets of antlers. I <3 you my secret santa!
aww. I want snow fruit!
I'm going through this right now...rly...I'm about to start chucking things.