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I like quantum phisics, outer space (black holes, neutron stars, other life, etc), computers and anything to do with anything electronic or otherwise high tech.
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Maybe it will be the first part of my dream that comes true, the 404 error. That would just be salt in the wound there. "NOOOO!"

I think I'll download this webpage and all of it's comments as a memento of sorts. Beam it up into space so Ryan will never be forgotten.

Edit: The background is back, I see.
All just a dream....
Heh, I dreamed I visited Two Evil Scientists and it was GONE, all I got was a 404 error. But then when I refreshed the page Ryan was back and was transforming the comic into an animation!

When I realized I was waking up and that it was all just a dream I struggled to get back to sleep. So naturally I came here on the off chance I'm a psychic. *Looks up at the comic.* It's not true yet I see but we can still hope!
Why do you have multiple parts anyway? What's the story behind that?
Do I want to know?

@Nobody in Particular
Heh, interesting name.
So everyone here is insane? Good to know.

@Both of You
Wait, don't you guys have accounts? Are you getting too lazy to sign in now? In fact, hardly anyone signed in even for hitting #2000!
What the... did...?

... You guys went insane a long time ago, didn't you?
What's this about 2000 comments?

...I think I'll join in for a bit and grab number... uh... 200X.

So what are we up to today? Closing in on the record for Most Comments on a Single Page, I hope?
I think we can claim the prize for Most Devoted Readers Ever, at the very least. Or you guys can anyway... I haven't posted nearly enough to be part of that.

Edit: Oh and hey, Two Evil Scientists has also nearly hit 2000! It is on 1994. Well, more like 1993 I guess since this one doesn't really count.
I wish people would destroy themselves for me too.
Here is a question, what do you do if the other person declares that he/she dodges *every* attack?
Oh, in the Waiting for Ryan comic? I never did get around to reading much of that I'm afraid.
But look at this, Ryan MC managed to get a prestigious spot on a TV Tropes page! AWESOME.

Oh... and I should warn you that if you have never been to before that you may spend hours trapped there. I can only hope you finished reading this before opening that page.

Yes, what of it?
I didn't count one by one, that would have taken much too long although I suppose what you did is still easier than using Ctrl+F and reading the count.

I suggest we play I Spy and find those events somewhere in the comic. Example: I spy Roll shooting Metal Sonic. I'm halfway certain that only happens once in Two Evil Scientists.
(I'm just joking around but if you guys actually want to do that I suggest spying things or events that only occur once or twice. Ie. you can't spy Sonic running somewhere or Nack betraying someone but you can spy Samus shooting Pokemon. I think this would be quite fun, actually and a good way to keep interest in the comic going.)
You guys are AWESOME! Still going and going like the energizer rabbit.

But... if Two Evil Scientists really does end ahead of it's time I think it would be nice if Ryan posted a written draft or something saying what *would* have happened and how it all ends. What do you guys think?

Not that I am giving up hope, Ryan may well come back someday like Frosty the Snowman. We can only wait and see.

Oh, and Uinxguy, I did Ctrl+F search for "Posted_by" and got 983 results (984 now). Unfortunately I can't find my copy of all the posts from last time so I can't compare it for you. Does anyone know the count for last time?

Edit: I had to obfuscate "Posted_by" slightly so it doesn't mess up the count.
Edit 2: I had to obfuscate it AGAIN because I went and wrote it in my Edit message. *Rolls eyes*
Wow, you guys are amazing. I'm not even going to try reading all this, though it doesn't seem to be nearly as long as the first time. Are you guys role playing again to pass the time?
DNA? Why would a robot have DNA?

How about this: instead of actually reprogramming Zero he'll do something similar to what the Two Evil Scientists did to Mega Hedgehog with Miranda?
There is a a purple screen in front of Dr. Wiel showing that it isn't a regular speech bubble.
Though of course it could always be someone texting him from afar.
Does Dr. Weil have a talking computer in the games too?
Wait, over half the characters are talking computers (robots), of course he does. But does he have a talking computer with no robotic body?
Hmn! I just looked that weapon up, it is very interesting! Where did you get it? And what blocks it? Being a wave I imagine it can pass right through most things... firing through walls is an awesome ability though.
*Thrack dodges to the side*
I'm surprised AuraX hasn't said "SCREW LOGIC!" yet. This seems like a good time.
Well he did almost bring about the apocalypse. In fact he was *trying* to but got the wrong apocalypse.
I'm sure he feels sorry about that though.
But of course that has nothing to do with this.
Oh, I see a new reader has braved the entire archive! Welcome Jdude! Seems you posted too late on the previous comic to be easily seen though.
At least you read it over the course of a month rather than a week like some readers have done. Such quick reading could have posed a risk hazard due to a sudden and prolonged inability to breath (itself caused by laughter).
Do Quint and Ashura even need doubles? Why don't they just go themselves?
Maybe this is a cunning ploy by Ashura to make Sonic paint himself green so Ashura can take Sonic's place! I'm kidding, that's beyond his ability to plan.
Someone would go back in time and kill her/his father for SCIENCE! Or more likely maybe your father was Hitler and you're willing to make the sacrifice.
@Grey_Wolf_Leader Yesterday,
Random characters *normally* form a mess. In fact they very nearly always do which is why you get the static you described. However, you could conceivably get a string of random characters that just so happen to follow the rules of grammar and produces a novel. It is just stupendously unlikely unless you give it a stupendously long time to work with. Maybe after a couple trillion years?