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Yukina Miki
I'm Yukina.

1st year College at UST

I Love Manga.
I Draw.
I am Random.
I am Spontaneous.
I am irresponsible.
I eat a lot.
I am conservative.
I love sweets.
I Procrastinate a lot.
I have more fun in bookstores than i do shopping.
Polka-dots and strawberries are my favorite patterns.
I hate backstabbers.
Vampires are my life.
I love the color red.
I tend to attract noisy people.
I don't like to play sports "habulin to ng bola!"
Penguins have a strange contribution in my life.:))
I Love the cold.
I don't like raisins.
Dragons are AWESOME!
Twister Fries are Love. Mcdo!!
Usui Takumi is a bad ass and i LOVE him. xP
but my LOVE for TOP (BigBang) is infinite!

and here's another URL:
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Update (´・ω・`)
yah, what IS up with that red thread?
good mood yet bad
I'm really starting to hate trigonometry now.
but I'm not going to ruin your day! update!!! sem break na e. :P
hey there!
the flood is slowly subsiding. thanks god. I thought there'll be like a flood and the Arc thing >__> keep praying and if you can please donate to those who are flooded. thanks you and god bless :)
@StupidGenious: nope its not suspicious at all! :P haha and thanks, i'll work hard on both :D
new page!!
HAHA. sorry. its been a month look at that!
What's happening to my country?! Philippines hold on! Please pray for the safety of those who are flooded. Ang gusto lang naman namen ay walang pasok e TT__TT hinde end of the world. And the date today is soooo weird! Check if you want but I still say its creepy. Today is 8-7-12 go get a Bible and check Genesis, 8:7-12
@StupidGenious: hahaha i drew a lot and i came up with those four. so yeah. xD next time i'll do 'thank you's' :))
Ayt. New Style. new uniforms. new look? not really. but you could still tell.. i hope. haha. dunno when i'll be able to put up the next page but.. soon. studying architecture is haaaard. :/ but fun! :))
Last one. :)))
Hi again.. waaah. why am I so busy? or baka naman tamad lng. amp. but here again.. TT__TT
I made 4 of these actually. haha. i'll try to upload the next one soon :D
waha! finally! our scanner is fixed.
but idk. maybe this is not a good time for me to upload.
i'm starting school tom. 1st year college!! ayiiii!! >___<
wow. haha. I can see Tamaki(ouran high school HC) :)))
Yukina Miki
December 17th, 2011
Hi. xD haha. OK. I've been reading this comic since,, an hour ago! I can't believe I've missed this! waaah. I'm glad I logged on again and this is the first series I saw. Please keep updating!! OMG. i <3 youuu~ :) Love this page!! :))
Congratz~!! they were all so awesome! :D
hahaha! xDD scary. :P
CUTE!~~ <3
@sillyilly ---> :P thank you~! but my art it still a bit messy though~~ xP