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March 6th, 2010
September 19th, 2009
I like both long and short equally. As long as the story stays interesting and the characters are fun I'll stick around forever^^
The art on this is so petty (kinda reminds me of Love Com) and I'm interested to see where this goes!^^

I do gotta' ask tho, and I don't mean this to sound rude at all, but in your description you say that this comic is to help improve your art skills and you ask for no critiques of the art, but wouldn't critiques of your art help you improve?
I'm so happy you decided to work on this again!^^
March 17th, 2009
pencils by Me inks by SurrealMasque.


thing just turned (even more) random.
Waaa! Your art is amazing!!

I can't wait to see more^^

The website is not working on IE.
Firefox on the other hand works fine.
November 19th, 2008
Sorry for the low quality page, sorry for it being late, sorry for little to no development, sorry for no cat-boy...>.>

ps Surreal, sorry for not being able to get this up till late...>.>
October 7th, 2008
What now SurrealMasque! What now! I totally got the page up today! So tell me when are you getting the next page done!?

note: although in the last page Zaak seems to be implying that River is a thief for steeling her shirt, I would like to draw attention to this: Zaak is just forgetful/bad listener/not paying attention.
September 5th, 2008
*insert excuse for late page here*
Thank you sooo much!!
We didn't ever think this would become at all popular! especially since its about 50% filler images at this point...>.>

Anyway just Zaak and River in the style of one of my favorite artists^^ (Who's site I just found again!!! *total excitement!!*

and I found this link the other day which I think any Hiromi fan will love^^
Its the first online comic she ever finished^^
July 23rd, 2008
Did you know its possible to post a page without providing an image for that page... I just found this out by accidentally pressing submit before this was there....

anyway yay for crappy pages (but this one has tone.)

Excuse: I was out of town for two weeks and didn't have enough time before I left to finish it up (lies. but I was gone for two weeks...)

edit- and thank you so much for over 90 fans when I got home to check!! That was really surprising especially since before I left we had just over 70 if I remember correctly!!
*grabs knife*
Look some chibis! Be distracted!

yep... complain to Surrealmasque this time about the late update...
Quadruple P:

Since I was late late LATE already I didn't tone this page... I hope I haven't irreparably damaged anyone through that decision....

edit: improper use of a apostrophe= solved!
May 23rd, 2008
oh goodness... that is one evil, evil person.
I'm taking news of the loss of my game rather well...
and that stupid cat boy's knowledge of the bad guy and his habits is quite impressive.

btw... How's my Zelda Phantom Hourglass...>.>
This comic brought to you by TECHNICOLOR!!!!! @w@
triple P:

Man I took the lazy way out on this page...>.>
April 30th, 2008
Haha^^ Nice! So much better then the page I had in mind for the first one!O.o (I'm happy it was you doing it and not me....>.>;;)

Now on to my page... I forgot I had to do a page for this comic too....>.>;;;;;
Haha^^;; Way to put on the pressure En ^^;

Chances are (in my opinion, tho I can't say for my co-creator/co-artist Surrealmasque) this won't be anything that terribly great, but hopefully it'll make you smile^^; and maybe even laugh O:! The story is basically just our random musings and whatever comes to mind when its our turn to draw a page...>.>