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Crazy sprite comix artist here :D :D

Im a barista, chef, gamer, comic illustrator, writer, philosopher and multilingualist.
I love my life.

I love video games like Mario, DKC, Zelda, Metroid, MGS, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Megaman, God of War, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., GTA, League of Legends, World of Warcraft.

I got skillz to edit sprites and to come up with funny cooky stories with depth and personality and kind of uniqueness you don't find often in sprite comix.

Feel free to contact me if you wish. I'm always up to talk to someone about everything.
PM me, if you want my msn, skype or aim.
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lol, I have just recently been playing Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and I hate Hammer Bros. with a passion xD
@Smiffy SMF <3: Thanks for appreciating!
Feel free to look around all my comics and drop comments even in the old ones. I love answering questions!
This is a total allusion from my old comics where Scarlotti did the same stuff and Eduardo fell down from a tall building.
Yes okay, Eduardo survives. Ofc, he is the main character. The question now is, how this'll change him ?

Meanwhile the rest of the Merc&Tech cast have been in the hideout trying to figure out where to find Eduardo.
@Lord Enigma: Most likely.
"What am I gonna do with you" is so Mobster xD
Oh boy oh boy, I guess this is it for Johnny Eduardo.

Anthony Scarlotti is indeed a person not to be taken lightly.
In my old comics he was just a typical stereotype villain but now, surprising even myself, he's gaining more depth.

In an earlier chapter Tech asked Merc who taught him martial arts and he said, it's a secret.
And now Tony mentioned "a Master?"
That's right, there is another thing I've been cooking up for years, finally coming out in the comics. Stay tuned for more.
@Lord Enigma:
This is it. At 2:47 xD
is she waving her hands and shooting a fireball barrage ?
Funny fact: I read Boom Boom's lines with a bad Schwarzenegger imitation voice for I've seen some Nintendo based cartoons at NG and YouTube where Boom Boom was speaking such XD
a Stage Fight ?
From cauldron into fire, or is it?
Wow. I just did some gunshot scene in my comic as well. This comic is awesome!
shell removal must be so embarrassing in koopa culture xD
Took me time to do this.
Got little Sin City in the last panel. AWESOME HUH ?!?!
Anyways. Eduardo gambled and lost. How will he go from here.

Once again the circle completes here ob/

This scene is heavily alluded in my old comics as seen in here.

Peace out !
Hey! This is a nice one!
@mandalorianjedi: Nah, it's cool. I was cracking a joke here as well xD .
This comic rules.
Redshirt? Now his death figures.
He just damaged the part of his brain which registers smells
Oh look a dead guy. lol xD