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Crazy sprite comix artist here :D :D

Im a barista, chef, gamer, comic illustrator, writer, philosopher and multilingualist.
I love my life.

I love video games like Mario, DKC, Zelda, Metroid, MGS, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Megaman, God of War, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., GTA, League of Legends, World of Warcraft.

I got skillz to edit sprites and to come up with funny cooky stories with depth and personality and kind of uniqueness you don't find often in sprite comix.

Feel free to contact me if you wish. I'm always up to talk to someone about everything.
PM me, if you want my msn, skype or aim.
Discord is #5968 with the name Erokuso64
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Hope you had a good Valentine's Day!
Posting this a day late, but what the heck.
It's the same picture from 2012, for I was too busy to come up with a new one , lazy me xD
You can see Tech and Dr Marie in their old style. xD
Magix unleashes all the spells we saw him use in the prelude chapter.
The sneaky watchers are still keeping watch.
You know the old saying, never cross a wizard?
Through Eraxon, Magix knows a plethora of simple Final Fantasy-type spells.
Meanwhile, the incident is being observed...
@Lord Enigma: Yeah, that they do. Fortunately Magix is a wizard :D
@Lord Enigma: Aye, he sure deserves it. xD
Some generic moblins come around! BUT things don't seem to go how Mob had planned?
Magix, Rory T. with stowaways Ban and Mob reappear in Hyrule. Mob, finding himself at home, immediately goes down to business...
Magix and Rory T. arrive in time to meet a couple of disoriented Ban and Mob who just have recovered from a spell. Rory T. Finds the book, but upon hearing Magix mentioning of a "stone" has Ban and Mob think of a treasure, they grab the duo right in the process of teleportation !
Yup, suddenly Magix knows all there is to the Stone, thank's to Eraxon relaying his knowledge into Magix's memory.
Meanwhile, how are Ban and Mob ?
I really should get this done soon. But it gets only interesting more and more xD

Anyways. Eraxon has passed on the knowledge about the Rock Orb in Magix's memory, which is why he knows its histroy all of a sudden. Rory T says some Indiana Jones stuff and a cameo from your favorite Goddess of Darkness, Medusa from Kid Icarus!
@Lord Enigma: Honest to God, this Nexus stuff has been under the works since 2011 :s
Happy Halloween!
Nothing too fancy this time. Not in the mood to suit up all my characters so here whe just have Magix floating about.
Rough year but still here. See ya next time!
Forget that scifi-stuff we're mostly gonna cover in Merc&Tech comic. This comic is reserved to all magic and the mystical.
Magix learns to teleport like Goku in Dragon Ball or Mages in Warcraft (minus the cast-time).
We can safely assume, this is the form of traveling they're gonna do in Magix comics.
So, the Rock Orb is in Hyrule. How will they get there?
Those of you might remember from Merc&Tech some talks of the Nexus? This gives a bit more insight of it.
Subspace Crisis is of course the story mode in Smash Bros Brawl.
<p>Credits for the the portal goes to : Steve-the-Fox</p>
@Lord Enigma: shit's been quite real, but life goes on. :)
Long time! I know I promised to finish up this comic by summer, BUT things changed in my life....
My girlfriend/almost-wife of 13 years, mother of our two children, decided that she did not want to live with me anymore. Told me she grew apart and wanted a life of her own. Alright, so she left and made me an every-other-week dad.
Other than that I got myself a new, better job than one before and have been working my ass off there.
With all that I had no feeling to do anything creative, so there you have it, my excuse.
I'm fine now, my newly found bachelor life is nice and its more worth it to hang out with my kids, and my job is great.
Let's move on!

About this comic, yeah. Magix and Rory T. get to know each other and he shows him some stuff from Hyrule, Second Unamed world of Final Fantasy and Azeroth (or actually Argus). Eraxon warns Magix that Rory knows the next artifact to be destroyed, which is known as the Rock Orb ! It's totally original creation with elements from Kid Icarus. Yay!
Happy Midsummer!
This is also promo to my current on gong comic, Magix. Go find it here.
Where is he? In 8-2 ?