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Hi! I'm Botan!
As anyone can guess, I like anime and manga very much.
My hobby is of course watching anime/reading manga :lol:
And, as an anime fan, I draw in anime-style! Aaand.. why would I be here for other reason than draa~wing manga!! *evil*

I love bishounens OF COURSE and I hope to make some fanarts for the mangas on this site (although I don't usually draw fanart, but when it's fanart of "unofficial" characters, then I really wanna draw them.. the problem is: will I ever DO that as well? haha..)
So, If you ever (ever, just EVER) want to draw one of my charas or something, feel free to do so, but please just do not make the chara your own (but I know there aren't people like that here! *hugs*... are there?) AND DO SHOW ME ZA PICC CUZ I WANNA SEE IT TOO!!!! LOL

Anyway..nice to meet you and hope you'll like at least my ideas, if not the drawings. ^^


PS My art may look like it's drawn in paint, but it's done by hand!! T.T I'm just no good when it comes to these things.I don't know how to smooth the lines (without having to do the page again,I don't even have a tablet or whatever).I just wanted to apologize for the inconveniences. :p
Arrgghh I legit can't breathe well from the cuteness!!
Ahh I hope it all went well with the exams!

And yeaa it's hereee

Edit: I was like, chill bro you have half a year to catch up there's gonna be some pages *suddenly reached the present day*
Mom's fears were right, I don't think they know what they're doing
Omg 40 pages, I hope it all went well. I was in the same situation but I abandoned, it still bothers me so I hope you succeeded!
Take care amanduur!!
Sorry, I actually laughed out loud at your hairdresser explanation
But exactly that happened to me like ten years ago. Never been to a salon since then LOL I get it cut at home my hair doesn't even need to be cut by a professional anyway
Omg it's official bless!!
Ahh this is so cute!

But are they going out now or
I love how he grabs his shoulder without restraints
I'm so happy about your situation improving!!

On the other hand, Takashi always looked like a tsundere, but I feel like this is truly one tsundere line he ever said. He might have said more in the past though, don't remember well!
I hope you're ok and that you'll be ok! I know in my own way what a sad time is so I can only sympathize, but I hope we all can make it!

About that video, I thought it was some music video I don't know about lol
Ah my ship might be sailing
Nvm i'll just sail it myself
Omg happy birthday lil bro!!
Wow you get a replacement while waiting? Aah I guess with warranty. When I went to repair mine to the shop I had it there for a month cause they didn't have the parts! Took them three minutes to replace it! Gee thanks for nothing!
Hahaha great development!

And I love how Yuu's actually thinking that he's a bit wrong in his approach!
Man I just remembered that when I first started reading this Takashi was my fave character
I hope you passed your exams successfully!

Also I hope these two become friends!
The IQ of a shoe!!
The girls are great
And I love Yuu, he's a real guy, trying to protect Hiro
Omg the thing with the button ==))
And the kindergarten comeback, I can't :)))