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Hi! I'm Botan!
As anyone can guess, I like anime and manga very much.
My hobby is of course watching anime/reading manga :lol:
And, as an anime fan, I draw in anime-style! Aaand.. why would I be here for other reason than draa~wing manga!! *evil*

I love bishounens OF COURSE and I hope to make some fanarts for the mangas on this site (although I don't usually draw fanart, but when it's fanart of "unofficial" characters, then I really wanna draw them.. the problem is: will I ever DO that as well? haha..)
So, If you ever (ever, just EVER) want to draw one of my charas or something, feel free to do so, but please just do not make the chara your own (but I know there aren't people like that here! *hugs*... are there?) AND DO SHOW ME ZA PICC CUZ I WANNA SEE IT TOO!!!! LOL

Anyway..nice to meet you and hope you'll like at least my ideas, if not the drawings. ^^


PS My art may look like it's drawn in paint, but it's done by hand!! T.T I'm just no good when it comes to these things.I don't know how to smooth the lines (without having to do the page again,I don't even have a tablet or whatever).I just wanted to apologize for the inconveniences. :p

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Comment on Page 169 of Obnoxious Hero-kun
Botan, 25 Feb 2016 05:43 am
Rather than making more pages, I would like you to rest more!! Take a loong break and heal, because it's not good to neglect your health!! I do like your story a lot, and yeah I might be curios about what's gonna happen but I would rather wait even a year and then hear you're all healed!! [sousuke feels ;_;. If you don't get the reference you don't need to because it would mean spoilers!]

On the other side, why am I expecting some traumatic past revealed in the next scene? (or a glimpse/hint)

I love how you added a role reversal all of a sudden, it's a really awesome thing! I mean, rarely can one see something like this in BL! Also, truth be told, they're both pretty so both can be bottoms, therefore I say they'd be reversible hahah! But that's just my opinion--also they're not at that point yet so I guess it's meaningless to even talk about that lol, in everyday life they can both win arguments etc(dunno how to explain)! [cough Takashi is prettier cough. imo doe.]

And I look and see this wall of text filled with your kindness for replying to everyone even though there's no need. I have to read this.
Comment on 134 of Senpai Addiction
Botan, 02 Feb 2016 05:34 am
Ohhh yyyy gooodnesss ===)))))))
This exceeded all the expectations I ever had, and that "honk" made me burst out into laughter! I can't breathe! Oh mann that goose or duck or whatever it is is so funny :))) It looks like it's saying "broh leave me alone why do you want to make me suffer let me go it hurts" =))
Comment on 133 of Senpai Addiction
Botan, 31 Jan 2016 11:51 am
LOL am I the only one taking into consideration a chastity belt?
(though it says "grab" so it's probably the elephant)

(ps thank you so much for being so nice with me and relying to my last comment, Eri ;_;)
Comment on Page 113 of Obnoxious Hero-kun
Botan, 31 Jan 2016 06:26 am
Takashi I know that in your head you're a shoujo heroine.
Hahaha joking


But still to me he's a shoujo heroine.
Comment on Page 19 of DaiMaou
Botan, 28 Jan 2016 05:40 am
(if not give him to me I'll treasure him I promise)
Comment on 127 of Senpai Addiction
Botan, 24 Jan 2016 07:36 am
I'm so sorry for you, I hope you'll feel better and better!

It's freezing where I live too, car engines don't work, people are falling all over, water freezes in the pipes!

Where is the spring!

Now on topic, I guess Eyelashes-kun is not really serious about destroying senpai-sama-sama, because he could have spread rumours that he likes boys (even if he didn'thave any proof, he could jut base it on the fact tat he rejected all girls) and make everyone hate him (people and their prejudice, guh) but instead he's just been staying in the shadows and mostly thinking about doing bad things to him but never doing it.

Also I like him so much more with short hair (though he's soo cool on this chapter's cover)! I hope he'll get his heart broken by Maki or something (lol) and cut his hair (I'm cruel)
Comment on 01-10 of Insomnia
Botan, 10 Jun 2015 11:16 pm
I am writing my bachelor's thesis, I'm way behind any deadline, I'm crying tears of pain and desperation, and yet I can't stop thinking about this pretty boy and his beautiful smile. I like him so much, he's so totally fit to my tastes, omgg.
I thought that if I commented on this, it will leave me alone for a while. I really need to focus.
Awesome comic, by the way!! (It really brought some kind of insomnia upon me haha)
Comment on Page 111 of Obnoxious Hero-kun
Botan, 09 Mar 2015 04:32 pm
No guys, I don't think that's it! It's just that, being alone, he can manifest his happiness! (well maybe that's only me thinking like that. edit: wait now that i'm looking again, yeah, he seems slow in reacting :))) >:D awww yeaahhh now can you just confess and realize (both of you) that it's mutual and that you should totally go out? (also my idea that Takashi is a pure little thing still stands proud. He sent Hiro away because he thinks he did something wrong to him! But Hiro, can't you go back right now and tell him he ain't got no reason to feel guilty??? mwahahaharararrr

On another note, I'm so sorry that you go through such hard times, Amanda! (sorry for calling you by your name but I just wanted to feel how it is to say it ;A; I'm happy) I didn't see your long post about the thing that happened in your life, but I wish I did, so that I could know more about you, and so that you can vent your anger/frustration/or even happiness here and maybe feel better! Don't worry, no one would say that you're annoying or something (also I see some people comment very often if not on every page, so you could say you already built a community here, haha)
Comment on Page 108 of Obnoxious Hero-kun
Botan, 07 Mar 2015 09:27 am
Hiro, now is the time to make use of those skills acquired through hard work and a saliva-stained pillow!! Also plz dont push away my Takashi, I love him so much, I want him to be happy, you don't have to, like, accept him immediately, if you tell him to wait for you I bet he will (unless it won't go the usual pattern, "I cant wait anymore" *gay scene begins* but Takashi is actually a pure little thing - yeah even though he's watching s&m stuff he IS pure- so if you're sincere he should be nice..?) well ignore me i'm just a passerby
Comment on Page 98 of Obnoxious Hero-kun
Botan, 20 Feb 2015 04:43 pm
LOOL his face cracked! :)) poor him
OMG Seikaa's fanart, Mamo's song, bwahaha so awesome (well, it kinda is the song of a narcissist)
So many beautiful fanarts! (My favourite is McGooen's though, so sexy and also such a cool and pretty Takashi~~)

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