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I am a southern gal living in the US. I am a lolita bibliophile. I call myself a gamer but I am not really on top of it lately. I am an otaku but not of the moe kind. I am a random Gaian. I love chocolate, dried squid, and all kinds of tea.

Send me a message if you are curious about me. ^__^;;
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I love your artist style and the story line is great!
Hilarious and totally kawaii
Can't wait for the next installment!
Super lol! ^_^
Good luck on everything! ^__^
Hahaha! I agree with you Rock Lobster.
I am with a cold too. >.<;;;
You have a direct line to my funny bone.
Cheers to Jim Henson!
And people don't like Shakespeare why?
Adorkable? There is a word that can actually describe me? Spiff.
I like how Batman pops up.
OMG! My sides...they hurt!
Pokemon reference? Love it! Hilarious!
Another thing my pals and I would do. XD I officially love this comic series!
Hahahaha! Reminds me of a close friend of mine.
I totally do that!
Seriously. The more I read this comic the more I see in common with my friends. Except Odion is a fake vampire. Close enough, right?
Alcy keeps acting like me. Did you base her off someone you know?
I love this one! Seems like something that would happen to me. XP