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I am the one hiding under your bed,
teeth ground sharp and eyes going red~

I am the who when they call
"Who's there?"

I am the wind blowing through your hair~

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Extra for ya'll
Just uploading a quick sketch I did of Larissa sinse I won't be uploading any more pages for a few days... hoping this might...attract some attention? ;D
Hi Quinn says Sigh
And so launches my cheesy fan comic that really has nothing to do with the original yay~

All I'd like to say is, please don't judge this comic in accordance to your like or dislike for Soul Eater. I've read many fan comics that have the original world of an anime or manga but are entirely better and more well written or even drawn. This comic has the same humor, and the same violence, but the characters are entirely my own.


Page one. It took me FOREVER to do Shibusen, and ironically the sky only took me 50 seconds.

For those who haven't watched Soul Eater/those who have only watched the anime, I used the sun from the manga in this. I'll probably use the sun from the manga and the moon from the anime, since there are few significant differences between these two attributes in the manga and anime.
What is this I don't even
The Cover for Chapter 1. I was decently pleased with this! Ignore any minor errors please.

Just FYI, the main comic will be in black and white, so don't expect this every page.

This features Quinn (front) and Larissa (back).