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I may post comics eventually
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@Shoji-Moon: This is the best comment
Get well soon! I usually cure my colds with chicken soup that has buttloads of hot sauce in it lol
if I saw her, I might've thrown her out the window for killing my dad >^<
lol Eric's all up in her personal space in panel 1 *//shot*
*reading casually*

it's beautiful, you should keep it like this
cooool! where did you get it printed??
awww ;A;

i hope this doesnt get sad(but it probably will)
Zumotachi's Comment :D
ad for my manga Melancholy Saga

all the details are here:

well, i dont wanna ramble on forever so please check it out :)

this was like dejavu, that happened to me too. i hate eating broken candy canes, i like to break them myself OTL
Yay! I'm your first fan for this :P So far it looks very cute
For everyone who says this is a bad idea, I'm going to try to see it through her eyes:

I believe she's taking it down because, if it's up here, nobody will buy it because they could just get it for free on here. I wouldn't get it if it was already somewhere for free. And I'm sure if it didn't sell, she would post some pages of it up as advertisement. And she still has people who read it before she took it down who would more than likely buy it

But, that's what i think :/