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(: As of 8/24/16 all comics are on hiatus. Sorry for all the trouble and thanks for checking out my work!


I make comics, you read comics. Ugg. Anyway, I'm an artist - or I try to be - and I love to tell stories. I'm learning to tell them better, and one day I hope to write something that people enjoy to read as much as I enjoy to write it.

@eekee: Thanks so much for reading!! (: Just saw your comments in my email - really glad you enjoyed it!
@Birdz555: LOL aah yes. Harvest Sprites, winning everything.
@Birdz555: It's a really pretty name!! n_n I just looked it up out of curiosity, and I like the English meaning better (from the Hebrew for favor/grace apparently?)

Tbh though...LOL I actually picked Hana to match Haru. I've had that one in the wings since I watched Tsuritama. <3
Only three pages!? What is this?! Yep. That's all I finished.

So I THINK I've finally got a "way of coloring nighttime" I like. ;D THINK!!

Don't do what I do. Go study art like a smart person. Trial and error (and error...) is not the only way! This has been your PSA for the week.
@ashtree-house: >:D Isn't it great? lol

@Birdz555: YES! But...seriousness. If there's a will, there's a way! (:
Almost forgot to comment! Yard people happened. You know.

I must have issues because the last page still makes me laugh. XD Hopefully I'm not alone! Basically these two are going to be A BIT different from the Paradise Found sprite(s).

Thanks for all the support. (: See you soon!
@Birdz555: >w< Aw jeez~ thanks! Makes me wanna do less traditional paneling... I'm probably too lazy, though...
Hi there! Just one page this week (the next two pages chain together better I think.) I (shockingly) like how the art turned out this week! Better panel structure...especially for four frames and two characters. Yes. lol

See you next week!
@Birdz555: That is a bug I would be afraid of squishing...ehem.

But! >w< Thanks for always being so patient and lovely~ <3
Ah~ to update decently again. (:

Welcome to ToL...XL! I made both my updating comics bigger because the text seemed so TINY. I like it better, hopefully you do too!

About the update schedule, I think I'm gonna move this to an "every other week" update, but with at least 3 pages every update. I just like that better...@_@;

So I'll see you in two weeks! To reveal...what that weird...bug /cough
PHEW! I kinda got too caught up in reposting pages in "XL". Or large. They're bigger. LOL The text was just never very legible...and it finally bugged me enough. Hopefully they're not too big!
Just one page this week. Getting back to work after being sick, that whole thing. I do have 3 more pages of lineart done but you they say, a comic is not built on lineart alone.

Next week, new characters. And 3 pages! Woo!
Phew, hi there! If you haven't checked any of my social media...I've been sick! So there's just one page to get back to things. But hey, it's a start! ^^ Thanks for understanding!
Maybe Cael is bad at following directions.

It's still hard to reply to comments! It's spoiler-city either way. But anyway. I've been pretty busy so it'll probably be another one-pager next week!
Somebody old. Right.

Just one page this week! It's a busy food convention tomorrow, plus I'm trying to get a new science blog started.
@ashtree-house: Agreed! Sorta like those weird things they find on history docus. Makes me wanna go hiking.

@Birdz555: Never! *cough* *sputter* ...ehem
@april_mayberry: Oh, that. LOL I've never actually SEEN a cooking school textbook, but my goal was a "textbook look". And that's a full set of chef's knives, btw.
Better late than never! Maybe? I wanted to get the story a little farther along so, three pages this week too! >w<

Thanks so much for all your comments last week! I'll try to get back to as many as I can, but I will prioritize answering questions (especially on busy weeks.)
Whelp. That's no fun. But at least now there's finally starting to be some context to things? The plot thickens!
Welcome/welcome back to the Tree of Life! ^^ Zila's a bit brazen, huh?

Hope you like her, she - and I guess I LOL - will be doing her best from now on!