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@Danny: : I disagree...I don't know what I would do if I felt that my family had abandoned me...family is important and to me, at least, blood is thicker than water.
Called it 😀
Demon eater has always been compelling and fascinating to read, but...never really scary. Disturbing at times, but it's never really crept me out. Sop maybe horror doesn't really fit, but...sci-fi doesn't seem right either, to me. Maybe that will change with the coming chapter.
wow, that middle panel is BEAUTIFUL.
why would you even o______0

....I kind of want to hug her too q.q

this actually makes me think that they are siblings even more for some reason...I can't tell which I want more, a sibling bond or a romantic one
She ran away from a Vacuum and for some reason it makes me love her even more
@sorry: What if we're reading this all wrong? What if these two aren't romantically involved at all?

What if, this whole time, Allie has actually been feeling neglected by her older brother and last living family!? And Abel has been avoiding his little sister!?

It's...it's actually possible.
I want to give Allie a hug.

I would probably die a 10,0000 volt death doing so, but still!

Plz don't cry Allie I love u
@Icarus: I kind of expect her to be very moved, maybe a bit tearfully so, which will cause her to try to give him a hug or a pat on the back.

ZAP. Oops.
@Lenn: If he can't handle that i will be glad to take his place
I get the feeling she's gonna try to hug him enthusiastically and accidentally electrocute him
Well shit. He's taking some responsibility for his actions. There be some hope for him.
....am I the only one who is actually proud of George for claiming responsibility for her actions?

It's more than Atty has ever done, that's for sure.
@Junoro: blue corvet, and everything is blue for him
Okay, so. I may or may not have a crush (Squish?) on Allie. thank god she's just ink on paper, or it would be a very unhealthy one.
@VelvetRainbow: Boy, George and Atty are two peas in a pod in that regard. I'd say they need to get together and have ice cream but they already did that.
Okay, not to say that blowing up buildings isn't overreacting JUST a tad, but...couldn't he have TOLD her that he couldn't make it to the boat? You know, on the telephone?