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Hello happy people on Smackjeeves :D

I'm not good at introdutions really^^'

I'm from Denmark XD *Waves with Danebrog* (Our flag)

I like drawing, surprised, eh :D
On Smackjeeves I've "helped" my dear wifey-chan(A-san) making KAT-game... that is, I'm doing the chapter covers and sometimes a little extra if she needs it n_n

I've decieded to at least try making my own comic also, but due to high school, it's not easy to get the time :(
Yet I hope somebody feels like reading it, when I get some pages uploaded!

Well, if I think of anything good to write, I'll add it :3

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So sorry :O
Gee... it must be like a year since I promised that more pages was to come soon... I guess I've been bussy, but now I want to take the comic up again, but I have troubles with the character designs and storyline XO

This page was coloured ages ago and drawn ages before that XO
I wante to wait with uploading it until I had more pages... but I still don't :S

Well, I will from now on colour the pages, since I think it's good for the understandment of my comic... ok, I don't know why really XD

Uh, and I've been accepted on an animator education, so I'm gonna be an animator, I'm looking forward to start :3

Uhm.. I've started on the drawing school... it's a bit boring to be frankly, but I learn something... I think =A=;

I promise that I will do another update next week *A*/

Oh and btw... I think I might reach a 100 fans soon... any wishes for a "thanks" drawing, or shall I rather just focus on the comic?
Nice work :D
But until now it reminds me scarinlgy much of an idea I had myself for a comic ^^'
But I'll try to read some more of it before I judge, muahaha... whatever XD
Lol... Skid means fart in danish.. not important.. Just thought about XD
Really nice comic this far, has really made me laught^^
Ay, update o,o;
I kinda.. thought you'd given up^^'
But it's nice :D

Du du du! What is the "stranger" going to do now I wonder!
I guess I can only keep apologize for being bad at updating.. sorry..
But a lot has happened over the last month, I've had my final examns, so now I'm a student :D
And I've got into a very good drawing school in the start of August, I really hope that'll help on my lack of drawing skills X3 But.. It's very far from my friends and family, so I'll miss them a lot ;-;
I think I've used to much time on other drawings, sorry again T-T
It kinda goes up and down with my motivation for this comic, but I have not given up yet :D

Ok, I should stop writing this much, enjoy the page please XD
How dare you steal a joke, you deserve to be...castreted or something owo;

...hail =w=/
Eh, did you really draw that house yourself owo?
Just currious XP
Yeah, say hallo to Lesal, the elder brother of the trio^^'
Not a very nice first impression, but I like him X3 He's about 16 here I think :D Not angry, just disapointed... very disapointed (danish joke)

And thanks for still reading even though I'm bad at updating ;-;
And I hate draw indoor situations, stupid details! And Lesal gave me troubles too -.-;
Toasted Jelly: Thanks, that's also the idea with the comic X3
Hehe, I figured it'd be ok with funny expressions now and then^^'

Milk+assasin: NOES T-T
I hate thise ..what are they called, sound words? I'm not sure, but they are not my friends xD

Carapace: Hehe, thanks :3
Yup, you got me, it's a filter... I just thought it looked flat with plaine gray tones :(
And I'll correct that X3 Thanks :3
Sorry for once again let you waiting too long ;-;
I have some trouble with the next page - I'm having a habit of making pages up that's dificult for me to draw.. not so smart XD
But if next page sucks, you'll know why XD

And whattayoukno! It's Lesal on the last panel :P The trio is complete... or something :O

Feel free to say if you find gramma mistakes, but please don't let that be the only thing you comment on -.-;

Well, sorry for this non-page update, hope you can bear on me, I count on getting another update ready this weekend :3
It turned out a little to cute I think, it's too easy to draw cuteness, but how could I not draw this young version of Chinin cute with his fluffy hair and bright blue eyes X3

Oh well...
Thanks a lot all people who reads "Blue Breath" makes the work worth it :3

Gah, dunno what happened to the quality :O
Haha, The birth of Venus and The Scream (I'm not sure about the english name, I must confess, but I guess it's something like that :P)
Very nice, haha :D
Oh dear, I'd never seen THAT coming o,o
Aw, thanks people XD
It has been a wonderfull b-day this far, so mange greetings <3
I-I-I'll try to update quicker but uhm... I kinda have a lot to do in school ;-; If I get the time I'll make next page this weekend XO
Gah, I so hope I get the time XO

Thanks again, I'm so happy that people likes my comic, makes all worth it TwT
Update and birthday XD...tomorrow :O
Another update, I don't deserve all the readers, I'm so lacking on updates ;-;

OMG! What has Lamilla spotted?Seems I like cliff hangers XD

Ay, my birthday tomorrow :D
I'll make a quick drawing to celebrate if I get the time^^
20 years is... far too many Q-Q
Whee, that was nice X3
Fav :D
Can't wait for more :3
Yeah I know... this page could've been better, but I kept messing up when I made the outline, so counts for next page XO
I don't hope you find it too disturbing -.-;
I'll try to improve, due to this, style and toning may change over time, but I guess that counts for many SJ comics XD
What did you expect? Godzilla XD

Well, another page, not that I have the time, but I did it anyways X3

Wish me luck on my school tests next week *o*
February 27th, 2008
Muff, perhaps I should reply on some of 'tis :P

Toasted Jelly: Thankies, then I'll keep it that way XD ...well, might chance it some day if I feel like it :D

Kokkoii-Matoku: Again, I'm so glad XD

Yeah, I think that's the way kids should be :) Troubleless and cheerfull... but how long will it last *Evil grin*

A-san: Aw, and I love KAT-game :3
And we DID see each other hun <3

Reegeta: Hey dear :D
Thankies, I really do my best to make it keep going -w-;