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I be liking the interwebs comics, been reading them and mangas etc (asian culture ftw basically? I don't like or just haven't really read\looked at American type comics, that and I don't find them free online :D so webcomics ftw!)
so yeah that's all I suppose.
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Confusion Status Effect indeed
thanks for pointing that out mouse!

... since i too was confused. after going back and seeing what happened in the last page.
I saw the "fwish" effect and saw it read as "Jewish" ahahaha XD
Kenno ya'd enjoy this perhaps

an animated music video of the phoenix courtroom!
@Hauke: 0.o huh. silly me. Inga is usually a females name too.
When did you start putting up Alt Text!?! Now I have to go back X,XX,XXX,XXXX amount of pages!?!

There's a market for everything. Look at this at your own discretion!
@Psych: I just always saw ya as Daniel back on 70 Seas. Never saw Psych til now. that's all. Sweet
Sooo ...
@Psych: You're still Daniel right? Just making sure since if you're you I'm just wondering about the alias\nickname change
Ahahahha totally semi kinda called it last page
Buzz A Chu! XDDDDD <-- multi chins indicate happiness I suppose?

dude I love the anime esque? ... white oval glows in her eyes in the first panel along with the tiny bit of shading\shadow on the bars around her. Neat!

And that insulated Hilt + Fwap noise! ahahahah
Oh Gods Yes!
Oh goodness we'll name it that zappy doggy after that one Pikachu named Sparky!

What an odd looking spider claw hairy beast thing.

Despite it obviously showing the 'Claw' in question and that the Chapter is titled Claw.

By chance have ya read Malazan Tales of the Fallen? If not in those series of books a group of assassins are called the Claw!!!
Despite the itty bitty tiny spider like writing I saw it says Ash's Cave!!! Yessss! we'll get ta finally be introduced to her in this chapter\segment!!! ..... ? (I hope so anyways)
Holy crap! I look brown!
Michael H(uynh) here! man looking at those photos I sent a long time ago I guess it's hard to tell I'm a yellow feller. (asian) but I enjoyed the cameo! you sir are the best! I can't wait for all the weekdays to come to expect more great works outa ya! oh n hi Gib T!

Christo! come on I'd help you ogle women! not that I'd date em but you need a buddy you debby downer loner boner you!
spent all day reading this and now I've made to the most updated one!

my good golly good great gentleman!
you've done made yourself an awesomely terrific full of awe (awe-full) comic here!?! kudos, brownies, thumbs up whatever the heck to ya! you got's yourself another reader here!
Wooing done right
compromises compromises compromises.

on a different note, where did you get the Boobs need to move speed of sound dodge bullets thing? google ain't helping much here mr!
Maybe her id is shown
but in 710 thatsa brown haired girl, then when his mcjefferistini first shows up... color issues? blonde, brown. I' lose track now!
hehe with Brent's hair running
and screaming the first time reading this I swore it was
'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (panel 3) faaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zzzzzzzzz beedrill etc.

hehe. 'geor-ge' is good at running :D
the raccoon is...
pheobe, monica = bunny , rachel = cat!
(actually re-watched a intro on youtube just to look these up!)
typing in 'friends intro' was kinda interesting! (phoebe is psychic!... she heard Joey singing in his mind!)
dragon things feet in the first panel...
scared the heck out of me as looking at them I thought I was staring into the big cold dead eyes of another pokemon... such as another caterpie perhaps. than I noticed the "nose" = tail n flame!
so if the eyes are darkened
a few pages back, DT saves Atticus from some of the pwi pwi monsters... he scratches one of em and I see a (X) EYE!!!
just thought I'd point that out leave people to wonder,
one caterpie when fainted had the X eye... (eye deformities? etc :)
well now
WHEN WILL MOM AND DAD FIND OUT!?! the suspense... is like a one inch punch.
Happy Uber Birthday!
Do not forget today is not all about you, this day\date many many years ago (or not too long ago but that's possibly irrelevant) you came into this world probably kicking and screaming, and someone else was kicking and screaming alongside you, be sure to thank that person as well :D oh that and the person that contributed the other half of you too...
yeah happy date of birth for you!