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Area One Jackalopes
Oooooooh, the supuh colliduh's at it again!
I really enjoy drawing Jeremy's mouth licking itself.
Who's cooler here?
You putting on shades or me parachuting backwards?
Hey guys...
...anyone see a square-headed jesus walk by?
"Nurse, tell me what's wrong with my Magby?"
"It has butts on its head."
"Dear Lord, what can I do?"
"Not much else you CAN do other than level it until it has less butts."
Didn't think I could actually crank one out tonight!
In unrelated news, I made this webcomic.
Also... your comic says its 2008.
Kill it!
Kill it with fire.
Professionalism (You're God Damn Right.)
Just thought I'd experiment with layouts; which I'm probably going to begin doing more often. I really just feel like I should start being more professional, like that Jables asshole. So if you, the reader, are getting pissed at the changing backgrounds just remember that you don't read this yet. You're still future people at this point.
Slanderous lies. By the by, the alt text is to DIE for.
Shut up
That's Danica Patrick and you know it.
I liked you better in color. Boo.
Ray Ramano...
...does not look like that.
I demand you have an orange laundry room again.
I am that. And also Ethan.
...dig it.