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Hi, I'm not shy on the internet like i am irl. _~_,
Call me Kie, It's a nickname I've received over the internet and liked.(i've had many.)
so yeah hi, feel free to talk to me!!! Be-warned I can be 1 of the following while on the internet ~~~ 1) Hyperactive, 22) OH Hell Hyperactive(really rare), 333) Depressed, 4444) NINJA TURTLE TACOS(yes, ninja turtles that hid in tacos!:3)[aka too random, F-five 5 f-five 5 f-five)Shy(but not as shy as i am irl... _~_,), 666 666) A Deranged lunitic x3(MWWAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), 7777777) A sweet person, 88888888) A B*********************** (...enough said...right?), 999999999)Me! >:DDDDDDDDDDDD
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mega cute <3 :D
owo first comment! <3
nuuuu TAT nnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
nuuuu TAT! nuuuuuuuuu! (tottally awesome page btw you are totally ftw!!!! :D)
ahhh :D i love it so far
Riona >A< dun crysssss!!! o-e lol i think one of the new people already knows of her voice...
Go Lune!!! Be careful though >a<!
o-e you call this suckish? it brings tears of azament to my eyes! ;A; sooo good~~~~~ <3 awwww mega cute rabbit... Rabbit-san kawaii deu ne?
i like all of it, oh and also since it's from a guys view :3 it's rare! good job on the page and comic!!!
:D yay update xD can't wait for more i love HcL :3
Ahhh I love Chibi vampire!!! :D But I'm also glad this isn't exactly like it! xD and yush, i agree that the dad is hot, wait is there a hotter son? >//w//< (jk i shouldn't think about hot guys... my bf would be so jealous that i think fictional guys are better the him xD ahh my bf <3)
;A; Runn!!!! Don't have your kiss stolen! He'sa Romeo(... player who chases after the pretty girls he sees)! nuuu!!!!
Chakin treats shichi much softly :3 so cute~~~! :)
O...M...G... *heavy nose bleed* SOOO CUTE!!!!!!! xwx *faints*
(you are sooooo great at drawing auto fave!!! <3)
xD she kinda deserved she almost kissed him when he isn't ready xD
Sooo Sooo Sooo very cute >/////<
Dun Dun Dunnnnn! :O Nuuuuuu Rin Don't do it! ;A; :) good work! :D
They are so cute together! OwO in my opinion...
ahhhhh *v* sooo cute!
:) yay your back!!! Also i would join in a heart beat! :D yay contest results and updates is it Christmas?
Welcome back! :D <3